Human resources

Trustees' Handbook For Managers

5.2 Salary Payments

5.2.1 Full-time Employees
Salary payments are made in 12 monthly installments on the 20th of each month beginning in September. If the 20th falls on a Saturday, this pay will be received on the 19th. If the 20th falls on a Sunday, this pay will be received on the 21st. Checks may be picked up at the Business Office on payday. Checks not called for one hour before the offices close for the day will be mailed to the home address. Employees may make arrangements with the Business Office for direct deposit of pay to any bank on the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. Such deposits are available on pay day.

5.2.2 Part-time or Temporary Employees

Salary payments will be paid monthly during the actual period of employment. Should a person be appointed to management responsibility with arrangements having been made on an hourly basis, pay will be received on a bi-weekly basis based on time sheets presented to the Human Resources Office.