Human resources

Trustees' Handbook For Managers

6.2 The College Library

The Harry C. Trexler Library has an on-line catalog, collection development programs and a full-time staff. The Library' s mission is to:

  1. 1.   acquire, preserve and make available for use a collection of recorded knowledge supporting the Colleges' curricular goals;
  2. 2.   teach students and assist faculty to find and use our Libraries' resources, and information resources elsewhere; and
  3. 3.   foster and encourage learning and scholarship.

6.2.1 Circulation Privileges

Employees may borrow library materials by charging them on their library cards at the circulation desk. Materials are circulated for an average of three weeks with renewal privileges if the material has not been recalled.

These privileges are also extended to one individual who resides with a College employee. These privileges are extended with the understanding that, as with family members, the College employee is responsible for the actions of this individual relating to these privileges, including actions taken by this individual when he/she is visiting the campus, whether or not the individual is accompanied by the employee. The employee agrees to notify the Human Resources Office and reclaim the Library card immediately should the individual no longer reside with the employee.

6.2.2 Instructional Services

Reference service is available at the reference desk during library hours.

6.2.3 Other Library Information

Other library information may be secured regarding acquisition of materials, reserve collection, LVAIC resources and interlibrary loans, and inter-institutional affiliations by consulting the Faculty Handbook.