National Surveys of Student Outcomes

Survey Schedule


NSSE – National Survey of Student Engagement (View Survey)

  • Survey first year students and seniors
  • Assesses classroom and co-curricular student behaviors that are related to “good practices” in undergraduate education – those that engage students in the learning process.
  • Questions focus on students’ educational experiences (e.g., reading, writing, oral presentations, research with faculty, discussions with individuals who differ from them)
  • Other items focus on educational outcomes such as levels of thinking (i.e., Bloom’s Taxonomy) and other skills and perspectives
  • We receive our raw data, means and frequencies and comparative results for 4 year liberal arts colleges, for our selected peer group and for all NSSE users
  • Obtain data in August/September
  • First administration (web-based survey) – Spring 2004
  • Administered every 3 years (Spring 2005, Spring 2008, Spring 2011, Spring 2014, Spring 2017)


CIRP – Cooperative Institutional Research (Freshman Survey) (View Survey)

  • Survey first year students
  • Assesses demographic characteristics, expectations of the college experience, secondary school experiences, degree goals and career plans, college finances, general attitudes, values, life goals, and reasons for attending college
  • We receive frequencies, means for our data and comparative results from our peers, varied by year depending on participation
  • Administered during orientation – paper and pencil survey
  • Obtain data in March


BCSSE- Beginning College Student Survey of Engagement (NSSE First Year Student Survey) (View Survey )

  • Collects data from First Year Students regarding their academic and co-curricular experiences in high school 
  • Examines their expectations for the first year of college, especially those behaviors related to "good practices" in undergraduate education-those that engage students in the learning process
  • In the future the data will be link to the student NSSE responses as well
  • Administered Fall 2009, Fall 2010, and Fall 2013
  • Data obtained in September


HEDS – Higher Education Data Sharing – Senior Survey (View Survey )

  • Survey seniors
  • Assesses future career and education plans, importance of various career factors
  • Evaluation of educational experience (what knowledge and skills were obtained)
  • Measures performance in college programs and clubs/activities
  • Assesses number of hours spent on a variety of academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities
  • Evaluates satisfaction with aspects of curriculum and student services
  • We receive raw data, frequencies, means for each questions and comparative data for chosen schools
  • Administered during the May senior meeting prior to commencement – paper and pencil survey
  • Obtain data in September


CSS – Cooperative Institutional Research (HERI College Senior Survey) (View Survey)

  • Survey senior students
  • Paper survey
  • Assesses demographic characteristics, academic achievement and engagement, satisfaction, cognitive and affective development, student values, attitudes, and goals, career and further education plans.
  • Administered during spring semester
  • Obtain data in August


DLE – Diverse Learning Environments (HERI) (View Survey)

  • Sophomore & Junior Students
  • Online Survey
    Assesses the institutional climate and campus diversity practices
  • Demographic information is also collected
  • Administered during the Spring Semester
  • Obtain data in October


Faculty Survey (HERI) (View Survey)

  • All College Faculty
  • Online Survey
  • Assesses faculty pedagogy, work satisfaction, perceptions of institutional priorities and campus climate
  • Administered during the Spring Semester
  • Obtain data in October