Computer Policy for Faculty and Staff


The Office of Information Technology is the sole provider of computing equipment for the college.  All technology equipment - computers, software, mobile devices - must be vetted and purchased through OIT.  In some cases purchases are identified through the programmatic needs of a specific department, but approval is still routed through OIT prior to acquisition.

In order to maintain a sustainable service to the community, we have developed the following guidelines and policies governing computing devices and peripherals.

Primary Computing Device

The College through OIT provides a single primary computing device. Starting July 1, 2020, the campus standard deployment for full-time faculty and administrative staff is a laptop running Microsoft Windows, with a single monitor, docking station, keyboard and mouse. OIT identifies a standard configuration for all such computers from a vendor of our choosing. We evaluate this configuration and vendor annually. Administrative staff are not eligible for Apple Macintosh computers, unless a specific business need has been identified and approved by the department’s member of Senior Staff  and OIT.  In accordance with the IT Data and Security Privacy Policy, it is expected that all full-time faculty and staff use College-provided devices for College work.

Faculty may request and receive approval for non-standard configurations which require approval by one’s department chair and Provost. Any cost above the standard configuration is the responsibility of the department. An Apple laptop is only available if there is an approved scholarship need vetted by the Provost and CIO. 

We do not provide individual printers or scanners to any users. 

Tablets or other mobile devices are available as secondary devices to faculty and staff. Mobile device requests must be approved by academic department chairs or one's director and OIT. Costs for these devices are borne by the academic department with a yearly maintenance fee.

Primary computing devices are on a 5-year replacement cycle, consistent with peer institutions and in recognition of the processing capabilities within even our most basic computer configurations. Note that computing devices will not be replaced out of cycle in order to minimize inventory issues. 

A new computer will be purchased only if a new full-time faculty or staff member has been hired for a position that did not previously exist, and if another current machine cannot be located. New employees filling an existing position will assume the computer already allocated to that position. Health checks will be performed by OIT to ensure computers are cleared for reallocation.

Replacement due to accidental damage, loss, or theft

In the event a faculty or staff member’s College-owned computer is lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged beyond repair, OIT will make every effort to replace it with a computer including comparable specifications as soon as possible.  There is no charge to the faculty or staff member, or their department, for this first replacement.

In the event a faculty or staff member’s College-owned computer is lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged beyond repair a second (or more) time(s), OIT will not fund a replacement computer for the employee.  Their department will be responsible for the full cost required to fund a replacement that will be purchased by OIT for the lost, stolen or irreparably damaged computer with a computer built with comparable specifications to the original device for the faculty or staff member to use going forward.

Additional peripherals

Separate policies govern the provision of certain peripherals. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but does represent the common requests OIT receives. Note that departments are responsible for the cost of all peripherals that exceed our standard configuration.

Second Monitors

Each faculty and staff member receives a single monitor of a current design and specification with the aforementioned primary computing device. This includes recipients of laptops.

A second monitor may be requested by one’s director. Departmental funding is required for that purchase.


Each computer is provided with a wired keyboard and mouse of a configuration standard to that computer and/or vendor.

Wireless keyboards will be approved on a case-by-case basis on administrative need. OIT will purchase the items but costs will be borne by the department. Departments are responsible for all ongoing maintenance including batteries.

Please note that ergonomic accommodations are made through Human Resources.

Note: College-owned devices are meant for on-campus use only with the exception of laptops and mobile devices. Docking stations and other peripherals (such as monitors) are not to leave campus without approval and should only be transported by members of the Office of Information Technology, as appropriate. 

Personal Computer Support

Due to limited time and resources, OIT does not provide support for personally-owned computers to faculty and staff beyond network connectivity of BYOD devices.

Latest update: May 19, 2020