Computer Lab Usage Policy

Use of all computer labs at Muhlenberg College is restricted to individuals with a valid campus ID. Signs are posted in these facilities to reinforce this policy. Any unauthorized person found using a computer or other equipment in any lab will be reported to Campus Safety.

Student Help Desk Associates will not be responsible for asking suspected unauthorized users to leave. It is the responsibility of the Associate to contact Campus Safety and report the unauthorized user.

Lab Usage Priority

The computer labs are to be used in the following priority:

1. Class Assignments, Reports and Papers
2. Resumes and Cover Letters
3. Internet for personal communications and recreational use

Students having a priority 1 project may ask any person using the computer for priorities 2 or 3 to relinquish the computer if all other computers are in use.

Any student needing to use special equipment (scanner, etc) may ask an individual using that PC for other purposes to move to another computer.