OIT Support of Remote Employees


Muhlenberg College defines a Remote Employee as a full-time employee that does not have an office on campus, and works almost entirely out of a physically separate home or remote office. Such a remote employee may come to campus from time to time for extraordinary reasons, but does not otherwise work on campus.

Technology Provisions

Muhlenberg College provides a laptop for any employee with that needs to work outside of the office on a regular basis. This is funded through OIT as part of the College Equipment budget and is part of standard practice and policy.

The employee’s department may choose to further equip the home or remote office with the following items, charged to that department. These items must be purchased by OIT and be from our preferred vendors. Departments are not permitted to purchase these or equivalent items outside of College and OIT purchasing channels.

  • Monitor
  • Laptop docking station
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

Any items above and beyond the laptop will be shipped directly to the home or remote office from our resellers.

The College (neither OIT nor the employee’s department) does not cover expenses nor subsidize the cost of internet access for the employee.


Remote Employee Obligations

The employee is required to:

  • Sign the Remote Employee Technology Agreement
  • Use the College Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution whenever doing College work, both at the home or remote office and while traveling, for security and access purposes
  • Retain all boxes used for packing and shipping peripherals and laptop
  • Ship all peripherals back to campus upon separation from the College
  • Return laptop to campus either in person or via shipment