Student Laptop Loaner Program

Summary: The laptop loaner pool for students consists of a number of Chromebook laptops and high quality, full performance HP Windows laptop computers. Loaner laptops are not to be used as a substitute for purchasing permanently needed hardware. If you are in need of technology for long term usage and are unable to purchase due to financial hardship, you may apply for an Emergency Grant.  If approved, you will be provided with an HP laptop that has been selected by our office as it meets the needs of our student body and is fully serviced with a 3 year warranty.  To learn more about the available grant options, visit the Grants & Funding webpage.

OIT Help Desk

Scheduling Equipment:
To schedule any loan, you must submit a request for a loaner in the IT Support Portal (login required) or contact the OIT Help Desk with your needs. Please include the following information:
  • Dates the equipment is needed, including date of return.
  • Any special needs
  • Advance notice is required if any college-supported software needs to be installed on a borrowed computer

It is imperative that you return all borrowed equipment on the date you have specified since other borrowers may be expecting to use that machine.

To be eligible to borrow equipment you must be:

  • A student actively registered for classes on campus

Restrictions and Responsibilties:

  • All loans are subject to availability. We have a limited number.
  • Loaner laptops are made available for short term, non-recurring use, only.
  • Longer term laptop loans (approaching a semester) are considered on a case-by-case basis and are subject to sufficient loaner pool reserve capacity. 
  • We cannot guarantee a laptop with the requirements you have will be available; therefore the earlier you request a computer loan, the better chance you have of getting what you need. 
  • Adhere to the IT Data and Security Privacy Policy
  • Prevent damage to the equipment by using the case provided. If the equipment is damaged, return immediately to the OIT Help Desk in Ettinger 002.
  • Local storage on the device is not available. All files must be stored on Google Drive, the College’s cloud storage solution. Note: Windows devices are set up like lab computers. Upon reboot, any installed software or locally stored files will be gone. 
  • Protect the equipment so that it is not lost or stolen. If lost or stolen, report this immediately to the OIT Help Desk and Campus Safety.


  • Laptops returned 24 hours past due:
    • 1st Late Offense – Student is restricted from laptop checkout for the remainder of the semester.
    • 2nd Late Offense – Student is restricted  from laptop checkout for the remainder of the academic year.
  • Laptops not returned within 7 days from the due date will be locked and unusable.
  • Students who wish to request an extension on an existing loan must contact the OIT Help Desk before the device is past due. 

Loaned equipment for use by the eligible borrower only, who is responsible for its proper use and the undamaged return (normal wear and tear excepted) of all borrowed equipment and accessories. Damage or loss caused by negligence, or the non return of equipment will be reported to the Dean of Students Office.

Classroom/Lab Loaners (Lending Periods)

PC laptops
  • NSB 004 – Classroom only
  • Shank 124 – Classroom only
  • Shank 235 – Classroom only
  • Trum 012 – Classroom only
  • Trum 149 – Classroom only
  • Trum 347 – Classroom only

Mac laptops

  • CA 98 – Classroom only
  • Trexler Info Commons – Classroom only
  • Walson MediaCom laptops – 7 days loan. Option to renew in person with device
  • Walson 118 Laptops– Classroom only.  Set up as requested.
  • Film Studies Laptops– Special permission required based on need assessment. 7 days loan. Option to renew in person with device

Note: Access may be restricted if not returned within a week of due date.