Muhlenberg College Web Privacy Statement

Muhlenberg College's web sites are configured to preserve the privacy of our users. This Statement describes what information is collected, how it is collected, why it is collected, and how it might be used. The purpose of the Statement is to allow users to decide whether, and how, to make use of the College's web sites.

Some of our sites create a "cookie", a record stored on your computer's own hard disk, which makes it possible for our sites to recognize that a specific computer has made previous requests. Our cookies are used exclusively for providing services. Muhlenberg does not utilize cookies for any purpose other than providing requested services. Much of Muhlenberg's web content includes links to content on web servers belonging to third parties. Muhlenberg cannot control or make any representation regarding the use of cookies on such third party sites.

For each visitor to our web page, our web server automatically recognizes only the visitor's domain name, but not the e-mail address (where possible). We collect information on what pages are accessed, time spent on pages, what browser and operating system is used, and the website from where the access originated. This information is stored for the purpose of analyzing how visitors use our web sites. The College uses this information to improve the usefulness of our web sites.

Muhlenberg does not share or sell lists of email addresses for commercial purposes. When a user contacts Muhlenberg using Email, information included in that message may be used to respond to the message or to provide a requested service or information. The message, or information in it, may be shared with other employees of the College for the purpose of providing the requested information or service. The College does not distribute such information to persons or organizations outside Muhlenberg unless specifically required to fulfill a specific request.

File transfers
Some of our web resources are made available using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Many browsers are configured to provide the user's email address as the "password" for anonymous FTP requests. In those cases, these email addresses may be recorded in the FTP server's request log. Muhlenberg does not make any use of addresses stored in this way.

Muhlenberg may occasionally conduct online surveys. As part of such surveys we may, with the user's permission, collect personal and potentially identifying information. If such information is to be made available to other organizations or to be published, that fact will be made known to users prior to participation, and their permission will be explicitly requested. Users can decline to participate if there is concern about the use of the collected information. Any information gathered in this way is used for summative analysis. Survey information will typically be released only in aggregate form, and not in connection with any identified individual user.

Muhlenberg may collect information from a user, with the user's permission, for the purpose of providing various services and information or updates on offered services or the progress of a previous request. Information collected in this way may be shared with other persons or departments within the College for the purpose intended, but will not be shared in any way with persons or organizations that are not part of Muhlenberg, unless necessary to fulfill a user's request.

Much of Muhlenberg's web content includes links to content on web servers belonging to third parties. Muhlenberg can not control or make any representation regarding the collection and/or use of personal information on such third party sites.

iMuhlenberg Mobile Application
The iMuhlenberg mobile application encompasses the policies of this Statement -- enabling users to easily find all needed resources that they will need to succeed, which may include directory searching, employee engagement activities, reserving conference spaces, accessing campus/offices with a digital card, finding various locations, and using timeless and actionable notifications.  To do so iMuhlenberg uses either the device's geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) or its proximity to a specific Bluetooth beacon to determine if a push notification should be sent to the device or user.  In all cases, location information or Bluetooth beacon proximity is solely used to determine if a push notification should occur. That information is never used for any other purpose, nor is it retained beyond its use.

This Statement explains how information collected from users is used by Muhlenberg. Muhlenberg employs best practice in protecting such information. However, it is not a guarantee of privacy. It is possible for collected information to be disclosed without the College's permission or knowledge (for example, if a web host is "attacked", or is compromised by a virus). For this reason Muhlenberg disclaims any warranty or representation of privacy or non-disclosure of information collected through the use of our web sites.

Contacting us
If you believe that Muhlenberg College's websites are not following stated policy, you may contact us at the following address or phone number.
Our postal address is:

2400 Chew Street
Allentown, PA, 18104

We can be reached via email at or you can reach us by telephone at 484-664-3100.