Green IT OIT Green Projects in 2008


Information TechnologyServer room - cold aisle concept implemented [reduced overall facility temp by 3 degrees, eliminated hot spots]

Duplex printing - now available (as default) at 90+ % of public printing stations

Equipment Purchases - EnergyStar standard has been in place for more than 10 years

Email / document viewers - are available for nearly every document and object format type

Equipment recycling - A certified deconstruction / recycling program with AERC has been in effect for several years

Recycling of packaging material - verification of major vendors’ use of recyclable packaging material and of College’s recycling thereof.

In process:

Information TechnologyPower cycle public equipment via centralized contralized control

  • Turn off all quiescent public computers at a specific time; turn off any public PC quiescent for 30 minutes regardless of time. Quiescent includes certain programs not loaded.
  • Must control PC and Mac
  • Must present option on screen to abort power-cycle
  • Must use existing central management structure
  • Product under review: Faronics PowerSave

The average active, powered-on desktop computer consumes 100 to 300 watts of electricity. Much of the electricity that comes through the power cord of the computer is turned into heat and power conversion waste through the PC power supply.

Server Consolidation

Combine multiple (logical/virtual) servers into one single (physical) server. This project is well underway using VMware as a hypervisor

Under review / consideration:

Information TechnologyRoom occupancy detection interface with classroom technology – turn off Techwall (as well as utilities) when not occupied

Collection program for floppies and cds for recycling

Continue to review GreenPrint and similar applications that eliminate unwanted pages, saving paper and ink