Capstone Online

CapStone Online permits Muhlenberg College faculty, staff, and students immediate access to the most accurate and up-to-date student enrollment records. To enter CapStone Online you must access a secure server. The server helps to protect the privacy of information shared via CapStone Online. It uses digital certificates, to verify the source of CapStone Online data as genuine, and a secure socket layer, to encrypt data transfers, making it very difficult for unauthorized parties to intercept or copy information. If you have not yet accessed CapStone Online with our secure server, you must allow your browser to accept the College's certificate authority. Until you accept this certificate, your browser will indicate that it cannot verify the source of CapStone Online data.

Faculty & Staff Access

Authorized faculty and staff users can view course rosters, student contact information, schedules, transcripts, and other data critical to the advising process. The Office of the Registrar conducts training sessions to introduce the capabilities of CapStone Online to new users. Accounts for authorized faculty and staff users will be issued only as individuals complete the training.