Laptop Security – Trexler Library Cable Lock Program

In an effort to promote security of laptops in and around campus Muhlenberg College encourages all students, faculty, and staff who utilize laptops to obtain cable locks to secure their computer.

Individuals should secure their laptops when in public spaces as well as in personal rooms. Individuals should purchase locks that are designed for their laptop and secure them to large furniture in a manner that the cable cannot be removed without unlocking the lock and without doing damage to College Property.

To further assist with this, the College has implemented an additional program to address the security of laptops within the Trexler Library.

Students, faculty and staff may borrow a cable lock and key set from the Circulation Desk in Trexler Library (quantity limited). To sign out a lock and key set for use in Trexler Library, a Muhlenberg College ID card must be presented at the desk. 

The use of a cable lock and key set is a courtesy effort from Muhlenberg College. Please note that these loaner cable locks do not fit all laptops equally well – to insure the safety of your laptop, you should purchase a lock appropriate to your laptop.  It is up to individuals to ensure that their belongings are cared for and watched in any public space.

Instructions for Use

The majority of laptops are designed to accept a security lock. These locks are typically attached to a long, braided security cable. To secure your laptop, follow these steps:

1. Find a large, stationary object to attach your cable to. Make sure that the cable cannot be removed by lifting or moving an object (such as under the leg of a table or chair)

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2. String the cable around the object and through the loop at the end of the braided

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3. Carefully place the cylindrical lock into your laptop's security slot. This is a
small, oval opening on the body of your laptop.

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4. Make sure that the laptop is fully secure before you leave your workstation, even if you
intend to be back quickly.

5. When you need to move your laptop, simply use the provided key or combination to remove the lock. Make sure to take your cable with you when you leave your