The Degree Audit is a computer program that reviews past and current student coursework and matches the courses with the requirements of his/her degree program or anticipated program, including units needed to graduate and GPA information.  It will show how the student's courses have been applied toward the degree and which courses the student still needs to complete.  The audit is divided into sections such as Major, Minor, and General Academic Requirements.  To be eligible to graduate from Muhlenberg College, students must fulfill the requirements in place when they begin at Muhlenberg.  The Audit will review the requirements based on each student's matriculation term, or the term s/he began at Muhlenberg.

Course Groups - This example is for the Dance major with a Dance Science concentration

Required Core Courses          4.50 Units               (DNC.CORE)             Core courses for the Dance major

Dance Science Required        2.50 Units               (DNC.SCI)                Dance Science courses for the concentration

Technique Courses                1.00 Units               (DNC.SCITC)           Dance Science technique courses for the concentration

Electives                               2.00 Units               (DNC.SCIELE)         Dance Science elective courses for the concentration

Culminating Undergraduate Experience     1.00 Unit     (DNC.CUE)

TOTAL of 11 courses required for the Dance major with a Dance Science concentration

The audit will indicate the completion status for each course group.

Complete:  student earned a passing grade for the course

In Progress:  student is currently taking the class and the final grade has not yet bee issued

AP/Dept Completed:  Advanced Placement or Departmental Exam

Transfer:  transfer coursework used to satisfy the requirement (NOTE that the grade is not used)

What If Cmplt:  no term is listed for this course because the course is not yet registered.

Cumulative Totals:

Required:  number of units toward graduation and major(s), etc.

Units Earned:  total number of units earned with passing grades, includes transfer work and AP

GPA Units:  attempted units which include failing grades but NOT passed (P) courses or transfer coursework

QTY Points:  quality points assigned to a letter grade (A = 4.0)

GPA:  divide the quality points by GPA units for major and overall GPA

If the student takes more than the required number of courses in the major, the audit will use the courses with the highest grades to satisfy each course group and determine the major GPA.

VARIANCE:  a major/minor department may use a course variance/substitution for a student.  This variance will allow a different Muhlenberg course, a transfer course, or a special topic course to satisfy a major or minor requirement.