How to

Login to your Capstone Online account.

Click on "academic records" or "student records."  Choose one of the following formats.

    • Standard Format - this will audit the major (including undeclared), minor, and general academic requirements.  The end of the audit will provide the overall and any major/minor GPA.
    • Summary Format - a condensed version of the standard format.
    • GAR Summer Format - only the general academic requirements will be audited.
    • Degree Audit (What Ifs) - allows the user to check the status of a potential major or minor, including the concentration.  You can add up to 5 courses for tentative course planning.

A term is not needed to access the student audit.  CLICK ON SUBMIT.

You should now see:  Degree Audit as of "date" - Audited Program of Study.

If you would like to select another format, use the drop down box and select one of the other choices.  There is no need to "reset" - just select your new choice.

Using the "What Ifs" allows the user to change his/her major or minor (on the audit only).  In the "Major: Pick?" section, use the drop down box and choose from the major or minor options that are available.  Don't forget to choose a concentration if the major has one.  (The audit won't run if the major has a concentration and it was not chosen.)  "Click to Request an Audit."

Courses #1 - #5:  this feature allows up to 5 courses from our college catalog to be entered and audited.  NOTE: NO section number is needed.  "Click to Request an Audit."  Once the course(s) are added, the degree audit will adjust itself accordingly.

For additional detailed information on the degree audit, continue to read the sections "Features of the Degree Audit" and "The What If? Feature of the Degree Audit."