"What If"

This feature of the degree audit will allow a user to see how already completed or in progress coursework would apply toward a major or minor that a student may be considering.  If the major has a concentration, the drop down box for both the major and the concentration must be used.  The College will audit only ONE concentration per major.

The What If feature has 2 drop down boxes:  one box for a major one/two and one for minor one/two.  The majors that have a concentration are:

Business Administration                                                             Dance                                                                                                 International Studies                                                                             Music                                                                                                       Theatre

Both advisor and student are able to add up to 5 courses for future schedule planning to see how they would be used by the degree audit.  Once the course is added, the degree audit will adjust itself accordingly, as if the course(s) had been taken.  ANY course that is listed in the College catalog may be used.

Above and below the line:  Above the line is the "current program of study" and below the line is the What If audited program of study

The What If feature will also calculate a major/minor GPA for the potential program.