Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a CapStone password or the one I had disappeared. How do I get a new one?

Capstone is now the old student information system. Though you may still access it, it is only accurate through Summer 2021. You should be using Workday now. If you do not have a valid password, contact us at using your Muhlenberg email  for a reset. 

What’s an Enrollment Verification and how do I get one?

An Enrollment Verification is used by insurance companies, loan agencies, businesses, etc. to prove that you are an enrolled student.  At Muhlenberg there are three ways to get an Enrollment Verification.

  1. Students may print their own Enrollment Verifications. Sign in to the school’s secure online site (CapStone), click on the link to Student Self-Serve, and follow the directions.
  2. Contact the National Student Clearinghouse to provide a verification.
  3. Complete and submit an Enrollment Verification form to the Office of the Registrar.

Who is my Advisor and when should we meet?

The Dean of Academic Life assigns each First-Year student a Summer Advisor for Summer Advising and an initial Faculty Advisor to begin just before the first week of classes.  The latter are typically assigned according to the First-Year Seminar you take. When the student declares a major field of study, the department chair or program director will assign an advisor from within that department/program. The student may also request a particular professor as an advisor, with the approval of both the requested professor and the department chair/ program director. Department Chairs, Program Directors, and the Registrar oversee the reassignment of advisees from faculty who are on sabbatical, other leaves, or have left the College.  Advising is a vital and on-going enterprise at Muhlenberg.  It should occur throughout your time as a student and more specifically in preparation for registration each term. You faculty advisor is critical to your experienceat Muhlenberg. Your advisor is listed in your Workday record.

When is Registration?

Initial registration occurs in November for spring semester and in April for fall and remains open for online changes (Add/Drop) through the end of the  firs week of the respective term. The dates are noted on the academic calendar, and you will be sent additional information as each period gets close.

What is a registration hold?  Do I have one?  How do I get rid of it?

A registration hold indicates that you can't register yet or send a transcript. You can see your holds on the relevant tab in your Workday record. All students will have one until each term's proposed plan is approved by your current faculty advisor. You might also have one because of an outstanding obligation to the College, such as a bill from the Business Office, parking or library fines, equipment charges, fire-safety violation bills. Regular notices are sent by different office to remind you about a hold. Contact the office which placed the hold to learn how to release it.

How do I register for classes or make changes to my registration?

Instructions will be provided by email each term. Start by checking with your advisor and consulting the registrar's website at

What happens if I miss my registration time?

Your opportunity to register begins at the time designated for your class year during the initial registration period . You can continue registering, adding, or dropping through the current term, trhough the term breaks and until add/drop ends during any term. If you cannot register exactly at your start time, just do it as soon after your time as you are able. 

What should I do if the courses I wanted are already fully enrolled (closed)?

First, add yourself to the waiting list for your top-priority section. Then, see if you can substitute an alternate section of the same course. The meeting times or the instructor may not be the same, but the objectives and the subject matter would be.  Next, consider alternate courses.  Finally, if you feel you must have a particular course, visit the department or program which offers the course to discuss a plan. Departments and programs may be able to adjust enrollment limits where circumstances warrant.

What do I need to do to add or drop a course?

You can change your course schedule any time after you register until the add/drop period concludes.  Consult the academic calendar for the exact dates each semester.  Students may add and drop classes using Workday. If a section has room, you may add it if you qualify by prerequisite course, instructor permission, appropriate major or minor, etc., as specified for the course section.

Will I be dropped from courses I don’t attend?

No.  An instructor MAY request that students not attending the first meeting of a course be dropped to make room for other students waiting to add, but non-attendance drops are not automatic.  If you are dropped for non-attendance from any course, the Office of the Registrar will formally notify you. Otherwise, you will need to drop the class yourself in order for it to be removed from your schedule and to avoid a failing grade.

May I take courses at schools other than Muhlenberg?

Yes. Make sure you get prior approval for each school and the course(s) you wish to take. You need the Transfer Course Authorization form which you can get online or in the Registrar’s Office. Take the form, the course description(s), and the syllabus to the appropriate department chair for approval.  Make sure to send your official transcript when you are done with the course.  A grade of C-minus or better is required for transfer.

When can I get my grades?

Your grades will be available approximately 2 working days following the deadline for grades. You can view your grades online.

How do I cross-register a course?

You may request to cross-register a course through the LVAIC website,  The Registrar's Office can help you if you are having problems. You may attend Lehigh University, DeSales University, Cedar Crest College, Moravian College, or Lafayette College.  Your advisor must approve the coursework.  Both the credit and the grade will be counted in your Muhlenberg record. To cross-register for a summer course, you must use a paper form, which is available in the Registrar's Office (the online process is not available for summer courses).

How do I order a transcript?