• Office of Campus Sustainability

The President's Greening Committee

The Greening Committee aims to provide leadership to the Muhlenberg community in support of the College’s strategic goals of sustainability and good environmental citizenship.

The Greening Committee was created in 2003 by President Helm to examine, propose, and monitor sustainability efforts, reduce resource use and promote dialogue on and off campus. The Greening Committee is composed of faculty, staff, and student representatives. Current members include:

Kalyna Procyk, Sustainability Coordinator
Kent Dyer, Co-Chair Greening Committee, Chief Business Officer and Treasurer
Richard Niesenbaum, Co-Chair Greening Committee, Biology Faculty, Sustainability Studies Director
Jordanna Sprayberry, Biology Faculty
Kammie Takehashi, Religion Studies Faculty
Rita Chesterton, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program
David Rabold, Capital Projects Manager
Jim Bolton, Assistant Director Plant Operations
Jon Middleton, Director, Culinary Operations, Muhlenberg Dining Services
Paul Corgan, Intern Muhlenberg Dining Services
Aaron Bova, Associate Director Housing Services
Student Representatives from EnAcT
Student Representatives from Tree House
Student Government Liaison