Sustainability Suggestions for Campus Offices

The following sustainability tips were submitted by faculty and staff from various departments on campus. If you would like to submit your suggestions based on actions your office has taken, click here.

Actions to Reduce Paper Use:Office of Campus Sustainability
- Minimize printing whenever possible
- When you must print handouts, print double-sided and consider also printing 2 pages on each sheet of paper (depending on text size)
- When facilitating meetings, let people attending know whether you will provide printed agendas so that they do not also print copies
- Reduce your junk mail by requesting to be taken off mailing lists
- Move printed departmental newsletters to an electronic format
- Use groupwise folders to organize emails rather than printing them out
- Encourage your students to purchase used textbooks
- Allow and encourage students to submit work electronically rather than printing. You can also comment and grade the work electronically.
- Encourage students to print double-sided or to reuse paper previously used on one side (just put a line through the side to be disregarded) for work that must be printed and handed in
- Develop a system to collect and reuse paper used only on one side--a collection tray or box near the bypass tray of the copy machine works well.
- Be sure to recycle all used paper, catalogs, cardboard, and other recyclables. A lid from a box of office paper works well to collect recyclables in individual offices until it is convenient to dump the items into the larger paper bins.
- When printing and copying, be sure to use paper with high post consumer recycled content

Actions to Conserve Electricity:Office of Campus Sustainability
- Open the blinds and turn off the lights
- Turn off equipment (lights, projector, etc.) when leaving a classroom or walking by an empty room
- Turn off computers and monitors every night
- Turn off at least the monitor when you are not using the computer for a while, such as when you leave for lunch or a meeting
- Unplug chargers for laptops, phones, and other equipment when not in use
- Turn off power strips at the end of each day
- Adjust the office thermostat (where available) lower in winter and higher in summer

Additional Suggestions:Office of Campus Sustainability
- Avoid ordering unnecessary items or larger quantities than necessary
- Review the campus green purchasing policy
- Be sure to recycle everything possible, including batteries and electronic waste
- avoid bottled water--provide a filter on a sink or a filtered pitcher for drinking water (click here for more information on bottled water consumption)
- Walk, bike, or carpool to work


Please report unnecessary waste! If heating or cooling systems are malfunctioning or there is a water leak, let plant operations know as soon as possible (call 484-664-3400).