Greening Your Event

Decrease the environmental impact of your events by incorporating the following suggestions into your plans:

Office of Campus SustainabilityFood:

- Serve local and organic foods
- Serve fair trade coffee and teas
- Avoid foods that are individually packaged or that require utensils. Opt for fruits, vegetables, cheese, and crackers instead
- Serve drinks from pitchers rather than using individual bottles or cans
- Serve condiments, sugar, cream, etc. from pitchers, bowls, shakers, etc. rather than individual packets.
- Consider going vegetarian
- Use washable dishes and cutlery. If that is not possible, opt for biodegradable options.
- Use cloth tablecloths and napkins, or at least ones made from recycled paper


- Ensure recycling containers are available and easy to find
- Collect and reuse plastic name tag holders
- Provide biodegradable or reusable containers for participants to take leftover food with them at the end of your event


Office of Campus SustainabilityPaper:

- Post event information such as programs, handouts, and itineraries on a website for event participants or use email
- When necessary to print items, use paper with a high post consumer waste content, use both sides of the paper, and use a vegetable-based ink
- For recurring events, avoid printing dates on signs and posters that can otherwise be reused


- Hold the event where there is adequate natural lighting to save electricity
- Encourage participants to walk, bike, use public transport, and carpool--provide information on public transportation, bike routes to the event and ensure there are bike racks available
- Offer virtual conferencing through webcasts, podcasts, or video conferencing for attendees who are not local