Water Conservation at Muhlenberg College

  • Muhlenberg students initiated a program, Just Tap It!, to reduce the consumption of bottled water on campus.
  • In 2007, the New Science Building was awarded LEED silver certification. Then building incorporates water efficient features, including the use of waterless urinals and low flow toilets and faucets. These measures reduce water use by an estimated 37%.
  • Several bathrooms have motion-sensor operated faucets to reduce water waste.
  • Only low-flow showerheads are installed in College residence halls.
  • Nearly all toilets on campus use reduced flow plumbing that reduces water consumption by more than 50%.
  • Fields with irrigation systems are watered only once per week and only if there has been less than one inch of rainfall that week.

What can you do to help reduce water and electric use at Muhlenberg?