Copying Events in 25Live

Use the Quick Search feature on the Home Dashboard to find the event you wish to copy. You can search by Name or Reference Number.

Once you find the event you wish to copy, right click on the Name and select Copy Event.

Note: The default date search is set to Current and Future Dates. When trying to find a past event, you will need to click on Current and Future Dates and change the setting to All Dates.

Remove “Copy of” from the Event Name. Adjust the Event Name and Title as necessary. Proceed with your event creation as usual. You will need to change the past dates to new dates, but your event times, location, setup, resources, and comments should carry over from the previous event.


Relating Events:

Once you have submitted all of the individual occurrences for your event, you can relate them all to a Master Event. Using the Quick Search referenced above, find the Master Event if it has already been created (in this example the event is Family Weekend 2017-MASTER, Reference #: 2016-AADRXV) and click on the Name.

This will bring you to the event details page. Click on More Actions then select Manage Related Events.


In the Find events to relate section you can choose from recently viewed events or starred events or search for events. Use any of these methods to find the events you wish to relate. Click on the event, then click relate selected. Continue to relate events until all have been related to the master event. Then click Finished.