Reoccurring Event Tutorial

25Live allows you to enter a reoccurring event for an event which occurs on multiple dates, with the same start/end. If you have the same or similar event that occurs over multiple dates but with different times, each instance will need to be entered as a separate event.

Reoccurring Events with the Same Start/End Time

Enter your event information as you normally would until you get to the “Does this event have more than one occurrence page”. Click on “Yes this event has more than one occurrence”.


Enter the first occurrence date, start time, end time, setup, pre-event, and post-event time. Click Next.


In the “Choose how this event REPEATS” section, select the first option, Ad Hoc Repeats, to individually select dates to add to the event.


Click on each additional date you wish to request. The dates you select from the calendar will appear in the Occurrence List below. Please do not reserve dates that occur during college breaks/holidays if you do not plan to meet. Click Next once you have selected all of the dates you wish to request.


Select your location(s). Your preferred location may not be available for all of the dates you are requesting so you may need to request multiple locations or return to the previous screen to adjust the dates of your event. To assign multiple locations to different dates, simply select a location as you normally would and then click on the View and Modify Occurrences Link.


Place a check mark next to the date(s) where there are no conflicts. When there are no conflicts (none) will appear in the conflicts column. Modify your layout and Attendance. Click save changes. Select another location and follow the instructions listed above. Continue until you have requested a location for each date.


You can view the dates and locations you have already selected in the green box on the left hand side of the page. In this example, the Miller Room has been reserved for one date and Life Sports Center 239 has been reserved for the remaining three dates.


Once you have requested locations for each date click Next and continue to complete your request as you normally would.‌‌