The College feels that student organizations should be provided with opportunities to raise their own program funds through fund raising activities. In order to provide a means of protecting the College, the student organization and each member of the College Community from undue intrusion and provide fair access for legitimate activities, the following guidelines and restrictions have been approved.

1.  All on-campus and off-campus sales/solicitations must be registered with the Director of the Seegers Union. All requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of the proposed sale/solicitation using a Sales/Solicitation Application.

2.  All sales/solicitations involving non-campus vendors must be sponsored by a College department, or College recognized student club or organization. Vendors will be charged a $20/table/day administrative fee to the College as well as a 20% of gross sales commission to the sponsoring organization. These fees and commissions are to be paid prior to the vendor leaving campus on the day of the sale. Campus organizations providing their own sale items will not be charged these fees.

3.  The sale of items which directly compete with the 'Berg Bookstore will not be permitted within or directly around Seegers Union. Requests for sales in or around Seegers Union will be submitted to the Bookstore Manager for approval.

4.  Sales/solicitations on campus may take place only in specified, approved locations. Door- to-door sales/solicitations in the residence halls require the pre-approval of the Office of Residence Services using the Solicitation/Fundraising Application. There will be no sales/solicitations in the residence halls after 11:00 pm.

5.  Sales/solicitations to off-campus constituencies (i.e., parents), require pre-approval of the organizational advisor with pre-submission and approval of the solicitation letter/form before mailing. Address labels may only be requested through the Registrar's Office by the organizational Faculty Advisor after approval has been granted.

6.  Sales/solicitation of "games of chance" (i.e., raffles, etc.) must not only be approved, but must be registered in the College Finance Office. This is a requirement under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

7.  Door-to-door sales/solicitation are not permitted within the classroom/office buildings.

8.  The sales/solicitation of drugs and/or alcoholic beverages is not permitted.

9.  The sales/solicitation of items identified with or containing the name or logo of Muhlenberg College must be approved prior to manufacture and sale/solicitation of such items.

10.  Items containing federally copyrighted material may not be sold or distributed without written approval of the holder of the copyright.

Vendor Sales/Solicitation Application
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