Did you know that OML is an advocacy office here at Muhlenberg College?  As a unit within the Dean of Students, we embrace the values of student empowerment, helping students recognize and achieve their aspirations, and compassionate student advocacy.  That means that folks can report injustice to our office.  You can consider us consultants in your work; we aim to be partners in addressing the specific needs of underrepresented groups on our campus.

Reporting an Incident of Bias:

Students at Muhlenberg are encouraged to submit any bias or hate related incidents that they observe on campus.  While OML is not authorized to sanction offenders, we are committed to proactively respond to instances of hate and bias in the following ways:

  • Support students who are targets of or witnesses to hate or bias incidents
  • Refer students to available campus resources and services, including units that will conduct formal investigations
  • Promote dialogue within the campus community about the impacts of bias
  • Advocate for new programs, initiatives, policies, and services that promote a more inclusive campus

If you wish to speak to our office staff about an incident of bias that you witnessed or experienced, contact us at multiculturalcenter@muhlenberg.edu or drop in to the Multicultural Center at the corner of 23rd and Chew Street during our office hours.