Founder/Co-President: Folasade Ogunjimi

Co-President: Ange-Sandrine Uwisanze

 Secretary: Peninah Ingabire

Treasurer: Grace Duah


ASO Mission Statement:

Every year the number of international students attending Muhlenberg College increases. The African Student population on campus, though small, is also slowly increasing. Aside from the presence of "continental-born" African Students there are many other students on campus who either identify more closely with their African roots or are interested in learning more about African heritage. One main goal of the African Students' Organization (ASO) is to provide a space for all students to come together and educate themselves on, as well as celebrate African culture. Through having bi-weekly open discussions for the membership and anyone else who is interested as well as public social events for the Muhlenberg Community we hope to achieve these goals.