The Asian Students Association (ASA) is an organization that celebrates the Asian cultures represented by Muhlenberg students. In the past, our club has attended conferences and organized campus-wide events. Many of these events highlight Asian holidays, including the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and the Indian Diwali. During the spring, ASA hosts International Week - a week filled with international trivia, activities and food.

ASA is also established to welcome international and exchange students. We hope to share and learn from one another's experiences, while developing a social haven for those away from home.

ASA is affiliated with the Multicultural Center. We participate in events within the Center and those sponsored by other multicultural organizations, with which we plan to generate stronger dialogue.

Collectively, ASA strives to spread awareness about our heritages and to address current and historical issues that affect Asian identity. Our conversations and actions draw on issues from a campus, national and global standpoint.

2021-2022 Leadership

President: Alissa Le '23

Treasurer: Robin Chodak '22