Support: Black Faculty Letter

June 10, 2020

Dear All:

R. Riley-Casey, Multicultural Life Director and Co-Director of the Emerging Leader program and K. Jones, Assistant Director of Multicultural Life, we write in full support of the Black Faculty Letter and Action Plan. Specifically, we wholeheartedly endorse the items copied below:

Institutional Leadership and Capacity in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We call on the College to invest in broad and empowered leadership in anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We need anti-racist and DEI expertise in a Vice Presidential role, situated on the Senior Staff, and empowered to institute change. The VP should have a staff to support, develop, and carry out the work within an established and well-funded office of Equity and Inclusion, rather than operate as an office of one.

Support for and Expansion of the Africana Studies Program 

The Africana Studies Program is the central academic Program to which Black students turn to find a sense of community on a predominantly white campus. The Program is the College’s main vehicle for classes that center the histories, contributions, and legacies of Black populations, along with discussions of the history of anti-Black racism and its contemporary reverberations. These courses are crucial for all students, as they prepare them to identify and dismantle racist systems and contribute to our diverse world in ethical and empathetic ways. 

Initiatives that Support Black Students and Students of Color

We call on the College to support the expansion of the Emerging Leaders Program to extend to all four years of a participant’s time in College.

Curricular Change and Extracurricular Event Support

The College needs to pass a curricular requirement stating that all students must take two courses in race and power structures, separate from the DE requirements. 

The College also needs to pass a requirement stating that students must attend one extracurricular event per semester that is centered around racial justice. 

The institution needs to adopt a College-wide policy that bans the use of the n-word in classes.

We call on the College to offer continued funding and support for the Black Students Association and events that they put on throughout the school year. 

The Office of Multicultural Life in collaboration with Africana Studies and Center for Ethics supports the following upcoming 2020-2021 Disorientation Program and The Civil Disobedience Workshop (please see the descriptions in the Black Faculty letter). 

In Solidarity,

Robin Riley-Casey

Kiyaana Jones