If you look carefully at religious traditions in your own neighborhood or around the globe, you quickly discover that different religious communities think very differently about the way the world works.

To understand our fellow humans, we must examine these worldviews that are rooted in the religious and cultural contexts of diverse communities. Only by carefully considering and analyzing these differences can we understand how others perceive the world and act within it.

The Institutes mission is to strive to create a community engaged in the pursuit of understanding and analyzing how religion and culture impact our neighborhoods and our world.




    Daily Talmud Study with Rabbi Seth Phillips

    Miller Forum, Moyer Hall
    12:30 pm

    Join us as we continue to learn about the diversity of religious traditions in the Lehigh Valley through conversations with community members about their beliefs and practices. We welcome you to engage with guests as we continue the Institute’s focus on understanding religious diversity in the local community. || Unable to attend in person? We are livestreaming the event!

In Action

Institute Colleagues at Work

Listen, read, and watch scholars whose work aligns with the mission of the Institute.

A Welcoming Place for All Religious Traditions

pursuit of understanding

A new integrative learning partnership between the Department of Religion Studies and the Office of Housing & Residence Life helps resident advisors develop religious literacy.

Of Life and Death

alumni perspective

A course on Tibetan Buddhism gave Monica Arora ’15 a new perspective on humanity in medicine. Religion studies alumni Jeremy Fuchs ’14 discusses its impact on her career.

Offering Comfort in a Time of Crisis

Alumni Perspective

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the work of Rabbi Jason Kirschner ’10, who serves as a chaplain at a New York City hospital.

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