Strategic Planning Group

Mr. John Williams, President (Co‑Chair)

Mr. Christian Balodis ’17, Student Body President

Ms. Rebekkah Brown, Vice President for Advancement

Mr. Allan Chen, Chief Information Officer

Mr. Curtis Dretsch, Professor, Theatre & Dance; Academic Policies Committee representative

Mr. Kent Dyer, Chief Business Officer and Treasurer

Dr. Marten Edwards, Professor, Biology; Faculty Policies & Procedures Committee representative

Ms. Melissa Falk, Associate Dean, Admission & Financial Aid

Ms. Ashley Gerhart ’17, President’s Diversity Advisory Council representative

Ms. Allison Williams, Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Students

Mr. Chris Hooker-Haring, Vice President for Enrollment Management

Dr. Kathleen Harring, Vice President and Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning; Interim Provost (Co‑Chair)

Dr. Christine Ingersoll, Professor, Chemistry

Ms. Deborah Kipp, Senior Associate Vice President for Development, Advancement

Dr. James Peck, Professor, Theatre & Dance; Associate Dean for Diversity Initiatives

Dr. Mark Stein, Associate Professor, History

Dr. Lora Taub-Pervizpour, Professor, Media & Communication; Associate Dean for Digital Learning

Mr. Ken Butler, Executive Assistant to the President and the Board of Trustees (process assistant)

Ms. Debra Sweeney, Administrative Assistant, Provost’s Office (administrative assistant)


Strategic Planning Process

Summer 2016 

  • Establish President’s Strategic Planning Group (SPG). Review planning principles and process.
  • SPG reviews self‐study recommendations


September/October 2016

  • SPG reviews current institutional data and environmental scan. Conducts SWOTC analysis and Gap analysis
  • SWOTember: Departments/Divisions/Units across campus invited to submit their SWOT exercises to SPG
  • SPG develops tentative institutional priorities based on review of data, SWOT analysis and environmental scan.
  • Trustee Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) meets to review progress and provide input on institutional priorities


November 2016 – January 2017

  • Campus planning event–faculty, staff and student leaders invited to participate in interactive planning process facilitated by outside consultant.

    Goals of Retreat:
    1. develop a common understanding of planning process and principles
    2. involve on-campus stakeholders in the planning process in a meaningful way that builds community
    3. collect strategic ideas and data from campus stakeholders


  • SPG provides feedback on emerging institutional priorities at its January meeting
  • SPG refines institutional priorities and provides opportunities for all stakeholders to offer feedback
  • SPG develops draft of plan


February – April 2017

  • Campus planning event (early February) – faculty, staff, and student leaders participate in event facilitated by outside consultant in order to provide structured feedback to initial draft of plan.
  • SPC provides feedback on initial and subsequent drafts.


April 2017 

  • Strategic Plan draft to Board