Ciarla FAQ

Q: How does my graduate get a free 2023 yearbook?
A: Every senior who provides a senior portrait for the 2023 Ciarla Yearbook will receive one complimentary copy of the yearbook. 

  • Seniors do not need to order a yearbook if they have provided a portraitThe 2023 Ciarla will be distributed in the fall and mailed directly to the graduate at the home address on file on June 1 in the Registrar's office. See the Senior Portraits page for portrait information.

  • While the yearbook staff strongly encourages students to utilize Lauren Studios for their senior portrait, students who are unable to do so may submit a high-resolution photo in front of a neutral-colored backdrop. An image taken by a professional photographer is preferred.
  • Any senior submitting a photo not taken by Lauren Studios must send the portrait to by May 1 and request their name and address be placed on the mailing list for their complimentary copy of the 2023 Ciarla.

Q: My student is studying abroad. Can I have his/her photo taken elsewhere and send it to Muhlenberg?
A: If your student is unable to use Lauren Studios on campus, they may submit a portrait by email to and request their portrait be included in the 2023 Ciarla so they can receive their complimentary copy. 

Q: Why isn’t my student’s headshot in the yearbook?
A: The most common reason is that your student likely did not attend any of the photo sessions on campus or submit an alternate photo.

Q: I didn’t know my senior received a complimentary yearbook and I ordered one. Can I return it for a refund?
A: Cancelations must be requested prior to the June 1 deadline. According to Balfour's policy, a fee may be applied to all canceled orders. 

Q: How do I order a Senior Pride ad?
A: These ads are a great way to congratulate seniors and wish them luck in their future endeavors. Graduates are also welcome to submit an ad to memorialize their time at Muhlenberg.

It's easy to create a personalized ad using the Balfour Online Store. Visit Muhlenberg College Ciarla Yearbook Packages/Balfour Online Store. Within 24 hours you will receive instructions via email to go > Log in > My Orders to begin uploading your photos and message. When complete, your ad will be delivered to the yearbook staff. See our Senior Pride Ads page to learn about ad sizes, prices and more.

Q: What size Senior Pride Ad do most people order?
A: The most popular sizes tend to be quarter-page or half-page ads; however, we offer various options for different budgets. See our Senior Pride Ads page for more details.

Q: I missed the deadline for ordering a Senior Pride ad. Will you still accept my order?
A: The Senior Pride Ad submission deadline for the 2023 Ciarla is May 1. Publication of any ad received after the final deadline cannot be guaranteed. 

Q: If we do not like the headshot taken in the fall of my student’s senior year, can they have the photo retaken when Lauren Studios is on campus in the spring?
A: Yes. Spring dates will be announced on the Senior Portraits page.

Q: My student graduated last year and did not have their headshot taken for the yearbook. Can they have a photo taken and placed in this year’s book so we have yearbook proof they went to Muhlenberg?
A: No. The yearbook focuses on the current senior class and undergraduates.