What Students Are Saying

When speaking about the Civic Fellows program, one student states, "I think through this program I’ve learned not only to be more aware of other viewpoints, but to actively understand and consider different perspectives and interpretations of a given situation when forming my personal opinion."

"I am motivated by my community work to learn more about creating social change to create a more equal and fair society. I also wish to be an ally and an advocate for the students I work with. I have discovered that through community work you can impact others, but you are also impacted by those in the community."

"The students in the Allentown School District were a tremendous part of my time in Allentown. These students were some of my greatest teachers and motivators."

One community internship program participant stated: "It gave me a career path. As a student, this internship definitely gave me a glimpse into what I want to do in the future."