Residence Hall Communities

Living in college housing at Muhlenberg College is much more than a place to sleep and study. There will be lots of opportunities to meet other residents and become involved in a variety of activities. Your Resident Advisors are there to help facilitate those connections through daily interactions, floor programs and educational opportunities.  But it is inevitably up to you to step out, step forward and get involved! 

In each residence hall, there will be a calendar of events detailing the programs, workshops, and events for each semester.  These offerings will not only help connect you to other residential students, but will also allow you to connect to students, faculty, and staff across campus and in the Allentown communities.

No matter what building you live in, your community is whatever you make it to be.  Have an open door policy when you're home so people can stop by and meet you.  Borrow a game from your lounge and invite folks on your floor to play.  Find out what the students on your floor are involved in and go support them at their game, their show, or their presentations.  Ask someone to lunch, join a club, or just host a watch party of your favorite show in the lounge.  We may be a small, close knit campus, but if you put yourself out there, you will find your people.  The people that make your time here at Muhlenberg that much more memorable.