Interested in becoming a Resident Advisor (RA) or a MILE RA?

If you've ever lived on campus, your RA was probably one of the first people you met on move-in day. RAs have a host of responsibilities like coordinating move in, getting to know their residents, building community, programming for the building and floor, making sure the facilities are maintained, and overall making themselves available to residents in their halls for whatever may come up. 

Being an RA is a unique leadership experience that is unlike most on campus, in that you work where you live and have the opportunity to be a mentor to your peers. You'll meet people from all parts of campus and are able to co-program with other student groups and offices to enrich the co-curricular education in the halls.  RAs and RLs are well known across campus and are expected to be a positive role model for our students - they are student representatives of Residential Services and we hold them to a high standard.

The Job of an RA can be very rewarding, but we know it's a large time commitment and can be challenging to balance with campus life.  Because of the dedication and effort, we offer the following compensations for all staff members:

A starting salary of $5,960 per year for first year RAs, $3,720 for first year MILE RAs with yearly increases for returning the following year

A single room in a traditional hall, or a single room in a suite/MILE property with the option to live with roommates

Free parking pass on campus

A budget to use toward planning programs for your residents

If you feel you're a good fit for the RA program, here are your next steps:

 *Read the job description and become familiar with the responsibilities and required work dates of the position 

 *Read the Selection timeline which details selection events and paperwork deadlines

 *Submit the online application, resume and hand out the recommendation forms

 It is important that you are on time for all events and that all paperwork is submitted by the deadline.  Be respectful of your references' time and make sure they get the forms enough in advance to be timely with their return. 

 We encourage all new applicants to attend one of the Information Sessions to hear from some of our current HRs and RAs about the job, and for you to ask any questions you still have.   

Friday, November 1st - 2pm in Seegers Fireside Lounge (by Java)

Friday, November 8th - 3pm in Seegers Fireside Lounge (by Java)

RA Application