Residential Programs

The philosophy of residence hall programming is based on the belief that residence halls are more than just a place to sleep. Plus, studies have shown that most college students spend between 80 and 100 hours a week in their residence halls - significantly more time than they spend in class. Residence hall programs play a significant role in developing a sense of community among the residents living there, especially for first-year students. Programs provide opportunities for students to develop intellectually, culturally, ethically, socially, and personally.

The Resident Advisor Staff work to provide a variety of quality programs for residential students. While many of our programs are social in nature, our programs focus on several other categories as well, including diversity issues, health and wellness, alcohol and drug awareness, academic and life skills, and community service. Programs may target residents on one floor, an entire residence hall, or the greater campus community. Campus residents are strongly encouraged to talk to their Resident Advisor (RA) about any programs they may be interested in implementing.