MCAB Mission and Responsibilities

The Center’s Multicultural Advisory Board (MCAB) provides formal faculty and staff input on the Center’s vision, programs, and center-wide goals.  It also serves as a clearinghouse for equity based initiatives, including the Meeting Points series, a dialogue and speaker series centered upon pluralism, diversity, and inclusion for Muhlenberg faculty and staff.  Additionally, MCAB coordinates the College’s rapid response mechanism to address relevant events as they occur on campus, in the local community, and the broader world.

MCAB Members

Brian Mello
MCAB Chair, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Robin Riley-Casey
Director, Multicultural Life

Mark Smiley
Assistant Director of Multicultural Life

Cynthia Amaya-Santiago
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

Dawn Lonsinger
Assistant Professor of English

Eric Thompson
Admissions Counselor

Cathy Oullette
Assistant Professor of History