Wedding Information

Muhlenberg College is pleased to make its facilities available to persons who are or have been related to the College. Since the Gideon F. Egner Memorial Chapel is the College's major worship center and is often used for concerts and other cultural events, the College's schedule and programs take priority. Weddings are not scheduled during periods when the College is closed or when College events preclude the use of the Chapel and during the period of December 24th through January 1st.

The Chaplain's Office is responsible for determining the uses of the Chapel. Please contact:

Assistant to the Chaplain: Tanya Schock (484) 664-3121 or 

ELIGIBILITY AND FEES - If at least one of the principals is a degree candidate, graduate, the child or grandchild of a graduate; a current member of the Muhlenberg Community or the child of such member; a member, past or present, of the Muhlenberg Board of Trustees or Board of Associates, or the child or grandchild of such a member. Same-sex couples meeting the criteria above are welcome to be married in the Chapel. Those marrying are to be persons with a religious affiliation and/or persons for whom a wedding service conducted in the worship context of the Chapel is religiously meaningful.

Roman Catholic Diocese rules are more limited. Please contact the Roman Catholic Diocese of Allentown at 610-289-8900 ext. 238. 

The Chapel reservation fee is $500.00. A $250.00 deposit is required, for a total of $750.00 due with the application. If you stay within the time limit of one hour for the rehearsal and two and a half hours for the wedding and the Chapel facility is left in an acceptable condition, the deposit of $250.00 will be refunded to the couple. 

The fee for a simple vow renewal service that does not require a rehearsal is $300.00.

SCHEDULING & TIMING - Confirmations of dates for rehearsals and weddings are given no sooner than twelve months prior to the proposed wedding month. Weddings are scheduled in two and a half hour time slots, usually on the hour. You will need to complete set-up, the ceremony, pictures, and clean-up within the two and a half hours to permit subsequent ceremonies. This includes set up of flowers and other decorations. We suggest that any receiving line be held at your reception where you and your guests will not feel rushed. Your proposed times, as discussed with the Chapel Staff, are to be noted on the enclosed application.

APPLICATION - Once you have contacted the Chaplain's Office and have checked on the availability of a date, you should complete a Wedding Application and return it with the appropriate payment. Your reservation will be confirmed only after we have received your application and payment.

LIABILITY - An insurance policy through TULIP or proof of other insurance coverage, is required to protect you and your wedding guests. Purchase of a TULIP policy must be done online at least 90 days before your wedding. For more information, contact the Assistant to the Chaplain, Tanya Schock at (484) 664-3121.

CANCELLATIONS  If the reservation is cancelled by the couple, half of the reservation fee ($250.00) is non-refundable. In the event a requested date and time cannot be accommodated by Muhlenberg College, alternate scheduling will be discussed with the couple. In the event a confirmation is not granted, the full fee will be refunded.

REHEARSAL - On the day before your wedding you may have a rehearsal. You will have one hour to complete the rehearsal. It is expected that all members in the wedding party will be present for the rehearsal, as will the organist and officiating clergy. The officiating clergy leads the rehearsal. 

MUSIC - If you are interested in an organist for your wedding, please contact Tanya Schock (484-664-3121 or The College Organist or his designee will be the organist. The College Organist consults with the couple concerning all the music for the wedding and assists in determining the music to be used. The honorarium for the organist is $250.00.

CLERGY - Couples are encouraged to invite the clergy from their own worship community to officiate at their wedding and provide the necessary pre-marital counseling. The College Chaplain, Rev. Janelle Neubauer, may be available for officiating wedding ceremonies. Please contact the Chaplain ( directly to arrange for this service.

WHO TO PAY AND WHEN - Honoraria are to be paid directly to the persons involved at the rehearsal. It is best to assign this task to a reliable member of the wedding party. The appropriate honorarium is $250.00 for the College Organist and $250.00 for the clergy. Custodial fees are included in the facilities-use fee.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Flash pictures are not to be taken during the wedding service. Photographers and videographers are expected to respect the religious nature of the ceremony. For further details, consult the officiating clergy.

DECORATIONS AND FLOWERS - The Chapel's liturgical appointments will remain in place and may not be moved. The color of the altar parament is determined by the season of the church year only. The couple may provide floral decorations. Bows or other decorations are allowed on the ends of the pews, providing they are attached with wire, string or tape. There are 28 pews on each side of the Chapel. ALL decorations are to be removed from the Chapel at the completion of the wedding ceremony.

CANDLES - Candles will be provided for the altar and the two standing candelabras. The candelabras are a good place to decorate with flowers. A wedding unity candle may be used; however, you need to supply your own. Please arrange for someone to serve as acolyte. Candlelight weddings are NOT permitted for safety reasons.

FURNISHINGS - Please indicate which altar you will use - the high stone altar at the east wall, or the moveable wooden altar. The wooden altar and candelabras may be placed where you wish. The Chapel can provide kneeling cushions at the altar, if requested. Couples who wish to celebrate communion will supply the communion bread, wine, chalices and paten. Wedding programs, if you desire to have them, are also to be printed and supplied by the couple. A white aisle runner is not provided. If desired, the couple may make arrangements with a florist for a runner. The length of the aisle is approximately 83 feet from the back pew to the chancel step.

WHAT TO TOSS - Please use birdseed or bubbles, since rice, confetti and flower petals are difficult to remove from walkways. Please do not plan on scattering flower petals or confetti on the aisle - we do not permit them, as the stone floor can become very slippery. Balloons may not be released as they can present an environmental hazard to wildlife and they can become entangled in the large trees on campus.

ALCOHOL POLICY - The use of alcohol in the Chapel is permitted only for the sacrament of communion. All other alcohol use is prohibited.

PARKING - Two parking spaces for vehicles carrying the bride, groom and attendants will be reserved directly in front of the Chapel. Other cars may be parked in College lots or on the street as available. The nearest College lots are behind the Chapel on 23rd Street, and across Chew Street behind the Trexler Library.

For more information, please contact Tanya Schock, Assistant to the Chaplain, at (484) 664-3121 or