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A Cappella Council

The A Cappella Council is a governing body of Muhlenberg’s six A Cappella groups, namely: AcaFellas, Chaimonics, Dynamics, Girls Next Door, InAcchord, and Noteworthy. The ACC oversees all interactions and regulations applicable to these aforementioned groups, including but not limited to: auditions, A Cappella Fest, rehearsal and concert bookings, and fundraising.

Contact: Zach Rabishaw  


ABDC  A Ballroom Dance Club 

Muhlenberg’s first Ballroom Dance Club! This club explores, learns, and practices the forms and techniques associated with ballroom dancing.

Contact: Anvelyn Pi 



The Muhlenberg AcaFellas is the college's an all-male, gender fluid, or non-binary identifying a cappella group, dedicated to creating great music and having a great time doing it. We will constantly strive to better ourselves and our music while actively contributing to the ever-changing atmosphere of the Muhlenberg College Campus and surrounding community. We intend to foster an environment of respect within the group and conduct ourselves accordingly beyond the rehearsal room. Collectively, we, the AcaFellas, will produce the best quality music of which the group is capable and participate in meaningful and enriching activities, maintaining kinship and sensibility.

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Facebook: Muhlenberg.Acafellas

Instagram: @bergfellas

Contact: Ryan Carey



Members of Adopt-A-Grandparent visit the elderly at the Phoebe home, providing friendship and company through arts and crafts, and conversation. By offering their time, students are able to interact with the Allentown Community. There is a blossoming bond between Muhlenberg students and the Phoebe home. Students have the opportunity to be paired with residents by keeping in contact through messages, phone calls, and visits.

Contact:Deborah Grieder


Afropop Dance Club

Afropop Dance Club is a Club that aims at enlightening the campus community about creative contemporary dance performances, cultures and popular dances and music from various parts of Africa.

Contact: Kate Ekanem


Alpha Chi Omega 

The Alpha Chi Omega sorority consists of membership criteria that resemble "Real. Strong. Women". The organization advocates for domestic violence awareness and sexual assault prevention. The chapter fundraises for Turning Point, local shelter in Allentown, PA. 

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Instagram: @axozetachi

Contact: Molly Nochimson


Alpha Epsilon Pi

Contact: Joel Hark


Alpha Epsilon Delta

Muhlenberg College's chapter of the national health preprofessional honor society Alpha Epsilon Delta. The organization encourages and recognizes excellence in preprofessional health scholarship with emphasis on student engagement and community service. 

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Facebook: Alpha Epsilon Delta (ΑΕΔ) Health Pre-Professional Honor Society @Muhlenberg

Instagram: @bergprehealth 

Twitter: @bergprehealth

Contact: Jessica Oxer


Alpha Phi Omega

APO is a co-ed service fraternity that strives to promote service on campus. Our main focus is to do service not only on Muhlenberg's campus, but also the surrounding neighborhood of Allentown

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Facebook:Alpha Phi Omega xi Chapter @ Muhlenberg

Instagram: @muhlenbergapo

Contact: Gabriella Petrone


Animal Shelter & Rescue Club

Contact: Allie Mirsky


Anime Club

Contact: Justin Chu


Anthropology Club 

The Anthropology Club will provide a space for students to engage in anthropological and archaeological topics and experiences! 

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Instagram: @bergboasbuddies

Contact: Kalie Jamieson


Asian Student Association

The Asian Student Association strives to celebrate the Asian cultures represented by Muhlenberg students. The mission of this organization is to promote cultural understanding, unity, and collaboration with the students and community at Muhlenberg College.

Contact: Tram Pham


Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) - Entrepreneurship Club

The object and purpose of BYOB shall be engaging students in entrepreneurship by forming a community through holding club meetings and hosting various types of events. We strive to provide students of all majors and backgrounds with tools to stimulate their entrepreneurial side, as well as giving our members the opportunity to incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset within their everyday lives.

Contact: Bahaa Abdellatif 


Beekeeping Society

A club dedicated to the education of the student body on the traditions of beekeeping, the anatomy of bees, and their importance to the ecosystem.

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Facebook: BergBeekeeping

Instagram: @bergbeekeeping

Contact: Arsen Arustamyan



We are a non-partisan voting advocacy organization that encourages political participation and engagement. Our mission is to educate the campus community on voting rights issues and other political discourse.   

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Twitter: @Bergvotes

Contact: Kyle Ropski


Best Buddies

Best Buddies is a club on campus that promotes inclusiveness. It joins together community members with intellectual and physical disabilities and creates lifelong friends with college students at Muhlenberg.  

Contact: Riri Sharfman


Biology Club

Biology Club seeks to encourage the Muhlenberg community, both those who are science minded and those who are not, to further their interest in the biological sciences through events designed to demonstrate the close relationship it has with their lives.

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Facebook: Muhlenberg Biology Club

Contact: Ethan Forrer


BiPAV Bisexuality and Pansexuality Advocacy and Visibility

BiPAV invites students of all orientations and identities to discuss issues regarding bisexuality and pansexuality, to bring awareness and inclusion to these valid orientations.

Contact: Shira Romanoff


Bitcoin Bulls

Bitcoin Bulls aims to inform people of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We want to emphasize the importance and potential cryptocurrencies have.

Contact: Clifford Cornell


Black Students Association

The Black Student Association is a club that focuses on the experiences of black students on campus. This club works to promote black excellence and build a sense of community around all people of color on campus. This club is also open to any race but will primarily be focused on black experiences.

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Instagram: @bsa_muhlenberg

Contact: Nathaniel Wiggley


Board Game Association

To foster a casual environment for students to relax from the stress of the week by playing board games with other like minded people. To promote a sense of community and development through paying various games together.

Contact: Ethan Forrer


Cardinal Key Society

The Society traces its roots to May 28, 1940 when six members of the Class of 1942 founded the group to serve Muhlenberg College and extend goodwill to visitors. The Society has grown over the years to provide a cohesive program for student involvement in the greater College community, specifically with alumni. Members, known as Keys, also work to develop traditions and instill a sense of school spirit among Muhlenberg students. In partnership with the Office of Alumni Affairs and the Career Center, Keys’ collaborate on events such as Alumni Weekend, Commencement, Honors Convocation, Candlelight Carols, and other campus initiatives. Students are eligible to apply for admission to the Cardinal Key Society during the fall of their freshman and sophomore years. If selected, students join the Society the following spring and serve through January of their senior year.

Contact: Emma Hamm


Carrying Each Other Through

Contact: Stephanie Jean Baptise


Catholic Campus Ministry

A college ministry which focuses on building a Catholic community. with Christ at the heart of our ministry, we are rooted in service, prayer, the sacraments, and evangelization, with a focus on uniting students in all stages of their Catholic faith. 

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Facebook: Catholic Campus Ministry @ Muhlenberg

Instagram: @muhlenbergcatholic

Twitter: @muhlenbergccm

Contact: Gianna Perri



The Muhlenberg Chaimonics are Muhlenberg's Jewish a cappella group! The Chaimonics sing both contemporary pop music and Hebrew songs and enjoy singing both on campus and at off-campus gigs such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, parties, and competitions.

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Facebook: The Muhlenberg Chaimonics 


Contact: Zachary Rabishaw  


Chemistry and Biochemistry Club

Chemistry and Biochemistry Club engages with the Muhlenberg community by hosting fun activities that have applications in the chemical sciences. The club works with the Chemistry department to encourage students to participate in the various, accessible opportunities that the department provides, such as independent research studies, and helps organize the Chemistry Seminars that occur throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Members of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Club have the opportunity to connect with and assist in events by the Lehigh Valley Section of the American Chemical Society (LVACS).

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Facebook: ChemBiochemClub @ Muhlenberg


Contact: Christina Mitry


Chess Club

Contact: Benjamin Nagle


Chinese Student Association (CSA) 

CSA is committed to building a bridge for Chinese students in our school to let them get more involved in campus activities.

Contact: Sen Chen


Ciarla Yearbook

The Ciarla is one of Muhlenberg's oldest and strongest traditions, dating back to 1893. The Ciarla has grown tremendously in recent years and will continue to grow and expand its leadership and contribution to the Muhlenberg community and Muhlenberg tradition. Presently, a 150-page yearbook is published and geared towards every Muhlenberg student, with a particular focus on the graduating class.

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Facebook: Muhlenberg Ciarla Yearbook

Contact: Tram Pham


College Democrats 

Muhlenberg College Democrats promotes political engagement on campus. We focus on current events through a democratic lens. We sometimes have guest speakers from a variety of political careers. 

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Contact: Cydney Wilson


College Republicans

The Muhlenberg College Republicans was founded during the 1992 Presidential Election. The Republican organization has served to promote the basic conservative principles of democracy, capitalism, small government, strong national defense, and the preservation of life, liberty, and property. The College Republicans have worked to bring a balanced spectrum of political views and ideologies to Muhlenberg's campus. 

Contact: Robert Arena


Colleges Against Cancer: Relay For Life

Colleges Against Cancer also known as Relay For Life is an organization to raise money for cancer research.  

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Facebook: Relay-For-Life-of-Muhlenberg-College

Instagram: @muhlenbergcac

Contact: Rebekka Broyles


Collegiate Panhellenic Council

The Collegiate Panhellenic Council (CPC) is the governing body for the four National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) organizations represented at Muhlenberg College; Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Zeta, Phi Mu, and Phi Sigma Sigma.

Contact: Skyler Valentino


Comic Book Club

Dedicated to the viewing and discussing of comic books/graphic novels and comic book/graphic novel related media on a weekly basis. Comic book related activities including trips to films and conventions are also included. Open to everyone of all levels of experiences with comics with members always looking to help bring completely new fans in! 

Contact: Willem Birgel


Computer Science Club

Contact: Ethan Ruoff


Debate Club

Debate Club consists of both intercollegiate debate and dialogue across campus. We hope to instill an understanding of argumentative construction into each of our members.

Contact: Ross Dardani


Delta Tau Delta


Delta Zeta

Contact: Victoria Basciano 


Destiny Women of Color 

DWCA is a reinstated society of college-educated women on Muhlenberg’s campus. We are committed to community service, academic excellence, and sisterhood with a focus on sustaining the growth and advancement of women of color.

Contact: Kiyaana Jones


DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship (DCF)

DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship is a student group at Muhlenberg College that aims to help students learn more about the person of Jesus, grow deeper in their relationship with God, and be equipped to live out their faith during the college years and for years to come.

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Facebook:Muhlenberg DCF 


Contact: Jacob Metclafe


Dynamics, The

The Dynamics are Muhlenberg's first and oldest A Cappella group, founded in 1989. They sing a variety of different music, which you can listen to on Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music!

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Facebook: BergDynamics

Instagram: @bergdynamics

Twitter: @bergdynamics

Contact: Zachary Arencibia


Education Society

The Education Society strives to provide opportunities for those interested in education to come together through informative panels and social events on campus, and collaborative programs with local schools off campus.

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Facebook:Education Society @ Muhlenberg

Contact: Jazlyn White


Egner Chapel Community

A community of students who gather weekly for worship, dinner, and other social and service events throughout the year. 

Contact: Kristen Glass Perez


EMS @ Muhlenberg College 

Muhlenberg College Emergency Medical Services (MCEMS) is a student-run, volunteer EMS organization that provides medical care to care to students, faculty, and guests on campus 24/7 throughout the academic year.

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Facebook: MuhlenbergEMS

Instagram: @Berg_ems

Contact: Alyssa Roberts



Environmental Action Team dedicated to improving sustainability around campus, the Lehigh Valley, and beyond.

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Facebook:Muhlenberg EnAct 

Contact: Casey Elkin


Flour Power Baking Club

The Flour Power Baking Club is a club dedicated to teaching students how to improve their baking skills. We meet several times throughout the semester to teach people how to use different icing tips, baking ware, and how to make delicious treats. We use these skills to organize bake sales that display our talents and benefit the local food bank. This is a sweet club for anyone who wants to learn how to bake and help out the community.

Contact: Rebekka Broyles 


Food Recovery Network - Muhlenberg Chapter

Contact: Isabella Trauger


French Club / Le Cercle français

The French Club (Le Cercle Français) at Muhlenberg College seeks to promote learning of the French language and culture through activities that encourage greater awareness of French and francophone cultures around the world. The club organizes activities that allow students to practice French inside and outside of class, as well as to acquaint students with the French language, French and francophone cultures, histories, and ways of life. All students, faculty, and staff of Muhlenberg College are welcome to attend activities and join the club.

Contact: Logan Meyer


Garden Club (Community Garden)

The Muhlenberg Community garden is curated and maintained in the spring, summer and fall by the Muhlenberg Garden Club. The garden is home to a collection of sustainability initiatives in addition to the vegetables and flowers grown there such as the composting program, rainwater collection tanks, and the permaculture garden, which is home to a collection of local plants and herbs.

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Facebook: Muhlenberg Community Garden

Contact: Sarah Krsnak


Girls Next Door

Muhlenberg's only all-female identifying a cappella group!

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Twitter: @gndacapella

Contact: Helena Bryant


Great American Songbook Project (GASP)

GASP is a music ensemble that sings music from the 1920's to the 1960's in acapella and piano arrangements. We perform at events across campus, as well as outreach nursing homes, and hold a final concert at the end of each semester. 

Contact: Alexandria Rohrbaugh


Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity at Muhlenberg College works with the local affiliate of the organization to address the issue of housing insecurity in the Lehigh Valley. The club volunteers weekly at the Re-Store, participates in builds within local communities, assists with fundraising activities and plans/organizes Family Fun Nights. Come join us!

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Facebook: Habitat for Humanity @ Muhlenberg College 

Contact: Jeffrey Varrone


Hillel - The Leffell Center for Jewish Student Life

Hillel - The Leffell Center for Jewish Student Life is an on campus community of Jewish Students who share in weekly services, observe holidays, and participate in fun social events all throughout the academic year. 

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Facebook: Mules of Hillel

Instagram: @BergHillel

Contact: Simone Nachman


History Club

We provide a forum for the discussion of historical literature, television, classes, and cinema obtained from the library or our personal collections. Our club creates an environment for people with similar interests gather.

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Instagram: @MuhlenbergHistory

Contact: Sara Levene



InAcchord is one of Muhlenberg College's premiere coed A Cappella groups! We specialize in R&B, but we sing top 20 hits, classics, and lots of other great stuff! We sing at weddings, on campus, for parties, and much more, so don't hesitate to contact us for information about gigs!

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Facebook: InAcchord


Youtube: InAcchord

Contact: Sydney Kozakis


International Students Association

Contact: Grace Imanariyo


Interfraternity Council

The IFC is the governing body for the recognize North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) organizations: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Tau Delta, and Zeta Beta Tau.

Contact: Mitch Knafo


Italian Club

The Muhlenberg Italian Club engages in campus wide events that celebrate the language, cuisine, and traditions found within Italian culture. We encourage everyone, of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, to eat, speak, and celebrate with us!

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Facebook: MuhlenbergItalianClub

Instagram: @muhlenbergitalianclub

Contact: Jacob Botelho


Japanese Cultural Association

Contact: Nadya Goldstein


Jewelry Making Club

Teaches members the skills to create jewelry out of metal.

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Facebook: Muhlenberg Jewels

Contact:Alexa Singman 


Kappa Kappa Psi

Kappa Kappa Psi is a National Honorary Co-Ed Band Service Fraternity dedicated to furthering college band programs through leadership and music-related service activities. The Mu Xi Chapter has been serving the Muhlenberg College band program since 2009 through dedicated service to the Music Department, including ushering concerts and digitizing the College music library. Brothers of Mu Xi also help campus instrumental ensembles continue to "strive for the highest" through a perpetual demonstration of good musicianship, fellowship, and leadership.

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Facebook: KKPSiMuXi

Contact: Elizabeth Long



The KnitWits provide great company and all materials necessary for someone to knit or crochet! You don't need to know how to do either of these things, we're always willing to teach.

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Facebook: The Muhlenberg KnitWits 

Contact: Rebekka Broyles


Live in Color 

Live in Color is Muhlenberg’s only show choir, dedicated to performing all genres of music, from pop to show tunes, and everything in-between. We love to make others smile and show their passion for music. Live in Color’s focus is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to those they encounter.  

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Facebook: MuhlenbergLiveinColor 


Youtube: Live In Color

Contact: Sophia Weber


Magical Memories: Muhlenberg's Character Visitation Club

Magical Memories is Muhlenberg's Character Visitation Club. We travel to elementary schools, hospitals and other local organizations dressed as characters (Princesses, Superheroes, etc.) to spread positivity. We are advised by Muhlenberg's Office of Community Engagement.

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Facebook: MagicalMemoriesMuhlenberg


Contact: Jessica Stier 


Mask & Dagger, The

The Mask & Dagger consistently creates shows that add new bits of dialogue to the never-ending conversation on queer expression and imagination. Our club is a collaborative effort that relies on the education of our queer forefathers, so that we may continue to find new ways to add to the art form through individual expression. The organization welcomes people from all walks of life and all identities, and encourages the queer practice of teaching talent to people unfamiliar with performing.

Contact:Rebecca Ostrow


Math Club

Math Club is dedicated to the further learning of mathematics, as well as fostering an interaction among students, faculty, and alumni through various activities.

Contact: Heather Chapman


Men of Color Network

The purpose of the organization is to: create a on-campus space for African-American and Afro-latinx males (students, faculty, and staff), allowing, embracing and supporting the various expressions representative of their most salient identities, which it has been statistically and qualitatively proven to be oppressed by certain systems operating on a societal level and in educational settings.

Contact:Zaire Carter


MINT*  Dance Team

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Contact: Hailey McMichael


Mock Trial 

Mock Trial is a competitive organization that trains students to compete in national competitions against other colleges and universities from all over the country. The club teaches valuable skills such as knowledge of the law, public speaking, debate, acting, and collaboration. This team is far from being just for aspiring lawyers, the skills developed are useful to anyone and everyone. 

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Facebook: Muhlenberg-College-Mock-Trial

Contact: Ethan Mathers


Muhlenberg Activities Council

The purpose of the Muhlenberg Activities Council (MAC) is to improve the quality of diverse social programming and campus life within the college community. MAC offers opportunities for students to creatively program and engage in various social, cultural, and extracurricular activities while also serving as a recommending body to college administration in areas affecting Muhlenberg student life.

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Facebook: MuhlenbergActivitiesCouncil

Instagram: @muhlenbergactivitiescouncil

Contact: Kaitlin Pollet


Muhlenberg Broadcasting Channel

The Muhlenberg Broadcasting Channel is a student-run television organization that produces weekly videos including news broadcasts, entertainment talk shows, and cooking segments. We post all of our content to our social media pages and YouTube channel. 

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Instagram: @mbc_muhlenberg

Youtube: MBCHANNEL21

Contact: Madison Whiting


Muhlenberg Comedy Association

Muhlenberg Comedy Association (MCA) is Muhlenberg's outlet for all and any kinds of comedy!

Contact: Chrissy Nagrowski


Muhlenberg Dance Association

The Muhlenberg Dance Association is an organization whose purpose is to create a space for dancers to come together and support each other and the greater dance community on campus. It will provide students with the opportunity to enrich their community through required service hours. It is a student-run organization that promotes the goals of the Dance Department, in order to create an enriching, inclusive, and supportive community of performers that supports dance in all forms on Muhlenberg’s campus.

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Contact: Amber Dietrich

Muhlenberg Disability Advocacy Group

A place for Muhlenberg students with and without disabilities to meet and discuss the impact of ableism on campus and raise money and awareness for various disability related causes.

Contact: Rebecca Zipper


Muhlenberg Film Association

The Film association is a collaborative group whose goal is to facilitate greater cultural awareness of Films across all types and genres. 

Contact: Sasson Lonner


Muhlenberg Theatre Association

The Muhlenberg Theatre Association provides opportunities to create and attend a variety of engaging performances, events, and educational opportunities. The mission of the MTA is to enrich the campus and the local community with high quality theatrical experiences. As a co-curricular, non-partisan organization, our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all forms of expression.

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Facebook: Muhlenberg Theatre Association

Instagram: @bergMTA

Twitter: @bergmta


Youtube: Muhlenberg Theatre Association

Contact: Emily Kitchin



The Muhlenberg Trans Advocacy Coalition 

Contact: Nico Bittker


Muhlenberg Weekly

As part of our on-going responsibility to expose students, faculty, community members, and alumni to News, Life, and Sports on campus as well as student opinions we need funds to publish the paper. We publish weekly in our office, which is located in the basement of Seegers Union. The Weekly has been an integral part of the campus community since 1852 and we would like to continue this tradition.

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Facebook: MuhlenbergWeekly

Twitter: @BergWeekly

Contact: Katie Dickey



Muhlenberg's EDM Performance Group, Muhlumination combines Vocal and Dance performance with enhanced lighting, costuming and special effects, to create an immersive experience.

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Facebook: BergMuhlumination

Instagram: @bergMuhlumination

Contact:Anders Getz


Mules for Israel

Mules for Israel is the Israel education, advocacy, and activism club on Muhlenberg’s campus. Our events provide an outlet for the campus community to learn about and interact with Israel’s people, culture, history, and politics. Our main goal is to educate as many of Muhlenberg’s students and faculty as possible about Israel and offer a safe environment for learning and discussion. 

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Facebook: MulesforIsrael


Contact: Noah Podolnick


Mules on the Run

Mules on the Run helps make local races in the Lehigh valley more accessible for students at Muhlenberg; and gives people a chance to meet other students who like to run.

Contact: Greta Ohanian


MUSES Arts and Literary Magazine

MUSES is Muhlenberg College's arts and literary magazine. In addition to a yearly publication featuring both writing and art, MUSES hosts several open-mic nights per year.

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Facebook: MuhlenbergMUSES

Instagram: @MuhlenbergMUSES




NeuroConnections works to inform, advocate, and celebrate the brain sciences via campus events and educational outreach. 

Contact: Hannah Gura


Noteworthy A Cappella

An a cappella group that performs music from Broadway shows and movies. We are a part of the A Cappella Council, and we perform in various events on and off campus.

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Contact:Alexandra Rivers


Outdoors Club

The Muhlenberg Outdoors Club exists to create a community of nature loving, adventurous and nature-oriented students in order to experience, learn about, and promote a sense of harmony with the outdoors. We give students the opportunity to hike, climb, bike, swim, raft and more in an outdoor setting to achieve this.

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Facebook: MuhlenbergOutdoorsClub


Contact: Arsen Arustamyan


Pediatric Cancer Club 

An organization that works with the Lehigh Valley Pediatric Cancer Foundation to plan events and raise funding for pediatric cancer families in the greater Lehigh Valley Area. 

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Contact:Abigail Hibbs 


Peer Health Advocates of Muhlenberg (PHAM)

Peer Health Advocates at Muhlenberg are student leaders who serve to promote the health and wellness of the campus community. To accomplish our mission we empower all individuals in the community to engage in responsible decision-making by offering educational outreach activities and programming. We also lead the community in adopting health-promoting behaviors by sustaining a healthy culture on campus

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Instagram: @muhlenberg_pham

Contact:Lauren Padko 



The Muhlenberg College Pep-Band is a group of musicians who love Muhlenberg and love to perform at college events, sporting events, and other social events. 

Contact: Ellen Powers



To bring together a group of dancers and have them perform jazz dances at different venues on campus. Along with dancing, there is an overall goal of creating teamwork through developing relationships with one another. Organizing events to raise money for the team and to use jazz dance as a way to connect with different students throughout the campus.

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Facebook: ThePerkulatorsDanceTeam

Instagram: @perkulators

Contact: Alex Goshert


Phi Mu

Phi Mu is a national, not-for-profit Fraternity that continues to help young women become better students, stronger professionals and greater leaders by offering social opportunities, support networks and personal enrichment resources. 

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Facebook: PhiMuMuhlenberg

Instagram: @phimu_muhlenberg

Contact: Grace Wright


Phi Sigma Sigma

Contact: Annemarie Hayes


Philosophy Club

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Facebook: Muhlenberg Philosophy Club

Contact: Chris Rothbard


Plant-Based Advocates

We are a group of students working to 1) improve and expand the plant-based options in the dining hall, 2) spread awareness about why a plant-based diet helps the environment, the lives of animals, and our health and how to 3) provide support for new plant based eaters/vegans/vegetarians. We are aiming to expand resources on campus to help other students learn and act consciously on these values of sustainability and ethics in their own lives. Working towards this goal includes meeting with the dining hall staff to improve and expand plant-based options, providing support for those interested in becoming more plant-based, and spreading awareness of the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle for animals and for the environment.

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Facebook:Plant Based Advocates Muhlenberg

Instagram: @plantbasedmuhlenberg

Contact: Jessica Bice


Pre-dental Club

A group of students intent on going into the field of Dentistry who meet to talk about shared experiences, interests, and knowledge regarding the field and entering into it after Muhlenberg.

Contact: Cailin Pachter


Pre-Occupational Therapy Club

Contact: Marissa Steiner


Pre-Optometry Club

Contact: Victoria Basciano 


Psychology Club

The object and purpose of the Psychology Club is to create a place in which students interested in Psychology can gain exposure to new topics that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about.

Contact: Julia Kearney


Psi Chi

Psychology Honor Society 

Contact: Emmerson Marles


Rejoice, Muhlenberg Gospel Choir 

Rejoice, the Muhlenberg College Gospel Choir, is a spirit-filled musical ensemble. Comprised of students from various places, races and creeds, the Gospel Choir is truly reflective of the diverse interests and ethnicities within the Muhlenberg College community. Their common bond is their love of music and a passion to praise God through song.

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Instagram: @rejoiceberggospelchoir

Contact: Nicole Morris


Rock Climbing Club

This team gives students the opportunity to practice the meditative sport of rock climbing outside of campus with their peers every week. Rock Climbing Club promotes close bonds with a team designed to collaboratively strengthen rock climbing skills as well as general strength and endurance.

Contact: Kathryn L. Ranieri


Royal Explosion Dance

Royal Explosion is a dance club that takes in the influences of Afro-beats and Latinx music styles to choreographed unique dances together. Its primary goal is to provide representation of cultures that is often not present on campus on the surface level. 

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Facebook: Royal Explosion

Instagram: @RoyalExplosionDance

Contact: Mercy Olajobi


Society of Arab Students 

The Society of Arab Students is a student club aimed to inform and raise awareness on the Arab world. This club is apolitical and non-partisan; its primary goal is to educate. This organization will act as a support group for students of Arab origin, as well as first-generation students. It is open to students of all backgrounds, looking to broaden their knowledge on another ethnicity.

Contact:Stephanie Haik  


Spanish Club

A community of students who are interested in learning more about the Spanish Language as well as literature and culture. 

Contact: Andrea Laisure


Students for Queer Advocacy (SQuAd)

Students for Queer Advocacy supports LGBTQIAP+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual/aromantic, pansexual, etc.) students on Muhlenberg's campus. We are an advocacy group focused on creating a safe-space both inside and outside of our meetings. We strive to (A) reach out to the campus and wider community to educate and promote LGBTQIAP+ issues (B) create a safe-space where LGBTQIAP+ individuals and their allies can learn about, come to terms with and advocate for multiple expressions of sexuality, gender identity and gender expression (C) provide social activities for LGBTQIAP+ individuals and their allies (D) be an active part of the wider multicultural community on campus, alongside the other Multicultural Center organizations (E) restore and maintain a physical safe-space of the Pride House, which is free of discrimination and open to everyone.‌

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Facebook: Muhlenberg SQuAd

Instagram: @muhlenbergsquad

Twitter: @muhlenbergSQuAd

Contact: Gabriella Petrone


Students for Reproductive Justice 

Students for Reproductive Justice (SRJ) is a group dedicated fighting for reproductive rights for all and creating a sex positive environment. SRJ is also a Planned Parenthood Generation Action group.

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Facebook: MuhlenbergSRJ

Contact: Sara Levene


Swim Club

The Muhlenberg College Swim Club is a student-run organization that meets every week to swim according to a rigorous practice set. We are working toward expanding into the competitive club swimming scene.

Contact: Madeline Kemo


Taekwondo Club

Taekwondo Club is a place where people of all abilities can come together and learn Taekwondo. We are a small club focused on learning striking and self defense techniques, but the goal is to compete at the collegiate level in the coming years. Come to learn something new and get a great workout! 

Contact: Viet Le 


Top Naach 

Top Naach is Muhlenberg's Bollywood dance and cultural club that was established 4 years ago and continues to grow! It was created to learn, spread, and share more about South Asian culture throughout the community! 

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Instagram: @bergtopnaach

Contact:Roshni Patel


Ultimate Frisbee

The object and purpose of Muhlenberg Ultimate Frisbee shall be to play the sport of ultimate frisbee throughout two seasons against other colleges & university teams.

Contact: Sean Duffy


Unchained Theatre Collective: A Multiculturalist Ensemble

The Unchained Theatre Collective: A Multiculturalist Ensemble aims to produce underrepresented works and provide a space for artistic expression that centers marginalized communities. This may be through the form of theatre, dance, music/song, poetry, student-led workshops, or any other forms of artistry. 

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Facebook: UnchainedTheatreCollective


Contact: Amisha Datta


Video Game Association, Muhlenberg (MVGA)

Who doesn’t love playing video games? Come join the MVGA, where we’ll play some games and even do a bit of learning in the process! After playing, we’ll discuss some themes of said games and other things that factored into the development of them, and you can finally tell your parents that video games taught you something educational!

Contact: Paul Giandinoto


Volleyball League, Intramural

Muhlenberg College's Intramural Volleyball League is a casual and friendly environment that provides a relaxing outlet for exercise and physical activity for the Muhlenberg community. Players of all skill levels are welcome and we aim to help improve the skill levels and community of everyone who wishes to join.

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Facebook: Intramural Volleyball at Muhlenberg

Contact: Abigail Lofton


Wall Street Club at Muhlenberg College

The Wall Street Club at Muhlenberg College is a student-run organization with the goal of supplementing a Liberal Arts education with financial training, enabling students to compete for and secure both internships and jobs in finance.

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LinkedIn: Wall Street Club at Muhlenberg

Contact: Gabrielle Neuman 


Winter Sports Club

Contact: Kiana Holmes



WMUH is the radio station at Muhlenberg College since 1948. We welcome those with an interest in music, broadcasting and all things radio.

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Facebook: WMUH91.7

Instagram: @wmuhfm

Twitter: @wmuhfm

Contact: Michelle Rajan


Women in Business, Association for

Muhlenberg College Women in Business is a student run organization with the goal of empowering and developing women pursuing careers in business. Our mission is to provide a community for collaboration, access to strong female role models, and equip business women with skills to achieve their career goals. 

Contact: Kristin Oberg 


Women in Mathematics, Association for

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) is a professional society whose mission is to encourage women and girls to study and to have active careers in the mathematical sciences, and to promote equal opportunity and equal treatment of women and girls in the mathematical sciences.

Contact: Olivia Schwager


Women in STEM, Association for 

Contact: Alison Bashford


Word Weavers

The poetry and writing club on campus. 

Contact:Celia Bowers


Young Democratic Socialists of America, Muhlenberg College Chapter

The object and purpose of the Chapter is to organize Muhlenberg students to advocate for social justice. Our goal is to generate social change for our community members through education and demonstration. By facilitating a democratic, feminist, anti-racist safe space, our club will be a welcoming environment for Muhlenberg College community members of all backgrounds and political interests to learn about socialism.

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Facebook: BergYDSA

Instagram: @bergydsa

Twitter: @bergYDSA

Contact: Emily Drake 


Zeta Beta Tau

Contact:Jared Ellis



Academic Honor Societies

Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-Health)
Delta Phi Alpha (German)
Dobro Slovo (Slavic Studies)
Omicron Delta Epsilon (Economics)
Omicron Delta Kappa (Leadership)
Order of Omega (Greek Leadership)
Phi Alpha Theta (History)
Phi Beta Kappa (Liberal Arts)
Phi Sigma Iota (Romance)
Phi Sigma Tau (Philosophy)
Pi Mu Epsilon (Mathematics)
Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science)
Psi Chi (Psychology)
Sigma Tau Delta (English)
Theta Alpha Kappa (Religion)

Inactive Student Organizations


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Active Minds
Badminton Club
Campus Cursive
Computer Science Club
Dress Upon A Star Project
Forum of History
Muhlenberg Music Group
Photography Club, The
Pokemon Club
Pre-Law Society
Protestant Student Faith Community
Racquetball Club
Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS)
Sexual Assault Awareness Group
Social Justice Collaborative
Soul Sound Steppers
Student-Athlete Mentors (SAM)
Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Support Our Troops
Tintinnabulators, Muhlenberg