Special Interest 

If you would like to contact/ get information about any of these organizations, please email studentactivities@muhlenberg.edu

Anime Club


Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) - Entrepreneurship Club

The object and purpose of BYOB shall be engaging students in entrepreneurship by forming a community through holding club meetings and hosting various types of events. We strive to provide students of all majors and backgrounds with tools to stimulate their entrepreneurial side, as well as giving our members the opportunity to incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset within their everyday lives.


Chess Club


Comic Book Club

Dedicated to the viewing and discussing of comic books/graphic novels and comic book/graphic novel related media on a weekly basis. Comic book related activities including trips to films and conventions are also included. Open to everyone of all levels of experiences with comics with members always looking to help bring completely new fans in! 



Debate Club

Debate Club consists of both intercollegiate debate and dialogue across campus. We hope to instill an understanding of argumentative construction into each of our members.


Flour Power Baking Club

The Flour Power Baking Club is a club dedicated to teaching students how to improve their baking skills. We meet several times throughout the semester to teach people how to use different icing tips, baking ware, and how to make delicious treats. We use these skills to organize bake sales that display our talents and benefit the local food bank. This is a sweet club for anyone who wants to learn how to bake and help out the community. 


Garden Club (Community Garden)

The Muhlenberg Community garden is curated and maintained in the spring, summer and fall by the Muhlenberg Garden Club. The garden is home to a collection of sustainability initiatives in addition to the vegetables and flowers grown there such as the composting program, rainwater collection tanks, and the permaculture garden, which is home to a collection of local plants and herbs.

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Jewelry Making Club

Teaches members the skills to create jewelry out of metal.

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Facebook: Muhlenberg Jewels


Mock Trial 

Mock Trial is a competitive organization that trains students to compete in national competitions against other colleges and universities from all over the country. The club teaches valuable skills such as knowledge of the law, public speaking, debate, acting, and collaboration. This team is far from being just for aspiring lawyers, the skills developed are useful to anyone and everyone. 

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Muhlenberg Beekeeping Society

A club dedicated to the education of the student body on the traditions of beekeeping, the anatomy of bees, and their importance to the ecosystem.

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Muhlenberg Board Game Association

To foster a casual environment for students to relax from the stress of the week by playing board games with other like minded people. To promote a sense of community and development through paying various games together.


Volleyball League, Intramural

Muhlenberg College's Intramural Volleyball League is a casual and friendly environment that provides a relaxing outlet for exercise and physical activity for the Muhlenberg community. Players of all skill levels are welcome and we aim to help improve the skill levels and community of everyone who wishes to join.

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