Internship Application

Student:   Please complete this form and discuss your internship with your academic advisor. After obtaining your advisor's signature, present this form to the faculty member you are requesting to sponsor your internship. You may make copies of this form, or open the MS Word versionThis form must be typed.


Name _______________________________________________________________________________

Campus Box Number _______     Phone ____________     Email _______________________________

Major(s) ___________________________________     Minor _________________________________

Overall GPA _____________________________     Major GPA _______________________________


I wish to apply for an internship in the following field:

Other courses I will be taking during the internship semester:

Other internships for which I have earned academic credit at Muhlenberg:

Why do you want to do an internship? What kind of experience would be most beneficial to you?

What are your career goals. In what way is the internship supportive of these goals?  Do you have prior experience which is related to your intended internship?

Please attach your resume.

Academic advisor signature _______________________________   Date __________

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