= Guidelines for Faculty Sponsors =

Prior to registration
  1. Prior to the student's enrollment in the internship, the faculty sponsor will meet with the student to discuss the duties and responsibilities required for the internship, as well as the student's time commitment (number of hours required for the internship), the academic project that will be completed, and the due date for the project. A learning contract may be required at the discretion of the faculty sponsor.
  2. The faculty sponsor will initiate contact with the site supervisor to define the student's duties and responsibilities and to discuss expectations of performance during the internship. The faculty sponsor will also send a copy of the appropriate manual to the site supervisor.
  3. Students may disclose a disability or special need for which special arrangements or accommodations may be necessary.  The Office of Disability Services should have supporting documentation on file and are available for information related to the possible accommodations.


  1. Faculty sponsors will ensure that the Internships and Practicums form includes a reasonably detailed description of the course. 
  2. The Registrarís Office will not accept forms which do not include a reasonably detailed description of the course.  These forms will be returned to the faculty sponsor.
  3. Each internship will be approved by the academic advisor and faculty sponsor. The faculty sponsor will be responsible for the academic supervision of individual internships and the integration of the practical and theoretical work. The internship will be graded pass/fail except when required by the major.
Academic Oversight
  1. Ongoing meetings should be scheduled with the student to discuss the internship experience. The faculty sponsor should schedule a minimum of three meetings during the semester. Meetings should occur two weeks after the internship begins, at the midterm of the semester, and at the end of the semester. In cases where meetings are not possible, regular contact by other means must be maintained.
  2. The faculty sponsor should maintain contact with the site supervisor. Periodic contacts should be made at the beginning, midpoint, and end of the semester. Site visitations should be arranged at the discretion of the sponsor. An evaluation of the student intern should be obtained from the site supervisor at the midpoint of the semester and at the end, before the last day of classes or the last day of the internship, whichever comes first.
  1. Two to three weeks before the end of the semester, the faculty sponsor should meet with the student to review the progress on the academic project and to reaffirm the deadline for completion of the project.
  2. The faculty sponsor will assign a final grade based on the student's academic project and the site supervisor's evaluation. Grades are due on the date established by the Registrar.


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