= What Do You Do If Things Go Wrong? =
Suggestions for Students, Site Supervisors, and Faculty Sponsors

The following guidelines will assist faculty, students, and site supervisors in working through internship concerns.

Discuss the problem.  We strongly encourage the individuals involved to discuss the situation, negotiate on their own, and work toward agreement. Occasionally problems arise during an internship. Early intervention can usually lead to a solution which is acceptable to all involved. If a problem arises, it is important to deal with it immediately.

This, of course, is the ideal. If a solution cannot be found, and if the problem is with the student or the site supervisor, consult with the faculty sponsor. If the problem is with the faculty sponsor, consult with Dean Carol Shiner Wilson at the College at (484) 664-3130.

Call.  Site supervisors should call the faculty sponsor when a problem arises which cannot be resolved through discussion. Such a problem might include absenteeism, failure to follow directions, poor attitude, or inappropriate dress.

Likewise, students should call their faculty sponsor when problems occur, such as when guidelines are not being followed, when expectations are not being met, or when inappropriate advances are made.

Intervene.  If faculty intervention is warranted, the faculty sponsor will gather information from the site supervisor and the student concerning the nature of the problem. A site visit and/or a meeting of the three individuals may be advisable, with the sponsor as convener and mediator.

Review the guidelines.  All individuals should review the guidelines and learning contract. What expectations were outlined at the beginning of the internship? Clarification of the expectations may be in order.

The faculty sponsor will make recommendations to the student and/or the site supervisor and encourage the two individuals to discuss the issue and work out an acceptable solution.

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