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Learning about yourself is the first step, the key, in the career development and job search processes.  It is important to consider your interests, skills and values to find the occupations and majors that are most fulfilling.  If you can find a field that intrigues you, requires skills that you have or can develop, and is in sync with your lifestyle preferences, chances are you’ll love what you do. 

This guide (also found in the Job Search Guide) contains exercises to help you evaluate each of the three major considerations so you can generate a list of ideas for possible careers. There is also a decision making outline that you can use for career and other issues. Finally, we include a researching page to help you apply what you learn about yourself through the assessment exercises to your major or career search. Much of the information you learn about yourself can help you present yourself more confidently in job interviews. Students are encouraged to make an appointment with a Career Center counselor to discuss any of these issues.

Interests    **    Skills    **    Values

Put It All Together    **    Career Decision Making

Conducting Career Research    **    Self Assessment Tools and Resources

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