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Financial Aid

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As of July 1, 2015 ALL Direct Student Loan interest rates are 4.29% and Direct PLUS Loan interest rates are 6.84%


 Muhlenberg’s Approach to Financial AidFinancial Aid

Our goal is to help as many students as possible afford the Muhlenberg educational experience. We do this through a combination of need-based and merit-based financial aid. We also provide counseling and assistance in navigating the financial aid paperwork and understanding your aid package once it has been awarded. We hope to recruit the most talented and diverse student body we can, and we know that financial aid is a big part of that decision for many families. Over 80% of Muhlenberg students receive some form of financial aid, and we hear from many families every year who tell us that their financial aid package was crucial in making Muhlenberg an affordable college option.

Need-Based Aid

To be considered for need-based financial aid, we require the following:

1. In order to be considered for Muhlenberg College need-based financial aid, complete the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Financial Aid PROFILE form. This can be done online at Our CSS Code No. is 2424. This PROFILE form should be completed and filed no later than February 15 of the senior year.
2. In order to be considered for Federal Grants and loans, after January 1, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is available online at Our Federal Code No. is 003304. Candidates for first-year admission should file the FAFSA no later than February 15 of the senior year.
3. In order to be considered for Muhlenberg College need-based financial aid, complete the Muhlenberg College Application for Financial Aid (available online at This should be completed no later than February 15 of the senior year.
4. In order to be considered for Muhlenberg College need-based financial aid, submit student and parent copies of Federal IRS 1040 Tax Return and W-2 forms to the Office of Financial Aid. Candidates for first-year admission should send these forms to the Office of Financial Aid no later than March 1 of the senior year. NOTE: This does not mean you must actually file your taxes by March 1, but we ask for these forms by March 1 so that we can verify the numbers on the CSS PROFILE and FAFSA.

As you can see from the above steps, applying for Muhlenberg College need-based financial aid is a process. There are forms to fill out and paperwork to complete. However, it is a process that can yield significant rewards if done properly. Here are a few tips: 1) Keep copies of everything. 2) Meet or beat all deadlines (missing a key deadline is one of the biggest reasons students miss out on financial they might otherwise have qualified for). 3) If you have questions or don’t understand something, call us (484-664-3175). We are here to help!

Merit-Based Aid

To recognize and reward outstanding academic achievement, Muhlenberg has established a variety of academic merit awards, as well as talent awards in the visual and performing arts. These range in value from $1,000 to $18,000, with a special $40,000 scholarship available for five students in each incoming class based on superb academic performance and outstanding personal qualities. All merit awards are renewable for all four years at Muhlenberg based on academic performance (2.5 GPA by end of first year, 3.0 GPA by end of sophomore year and thereafter), full-time enrollment, and good campus citizenship.

Some of the students who receive a merit award also demonstrate financial need. In those cases, the merit award may be augmented by a need-based Muhlenberg grant, as well as state and federal aid, in order to meet need.

All students who file a complete application for first-year admission are considered for merit awards. Consideration for a merit award starts with the high school record, but also includes extracurricular accomplishments, teacher and counselor recommendations, and the college essay as decisions are being made. A campus interview can also be very helpful as a way of demonstrating serious interest in Muhlenberg. While Muhlenberg is test-optional for admission, students wishing to be considered for academic merit awards and honors programs (not arts-based merit awards) must submit test scores (ACT or SAT).

Appeals Process

Often questions about financial aid can be resolved via e-mail or phone call. However, if a family wishes to formally appeal their aid award, we ask that you submit the appeal in writing (can be done via postal mail or e-mail). Please state the basis for the appeal and provide as much detail as possible regarding the specifics of your family’s financial circumstances. We will respond in writing to all written appeals once our Financial Aid Appeals Committee has had a chance to review the appeal.

The Office of Financial Aid will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. You can reach us at:

Muhlenberg College
2400 Chew Street
Allentown PA 18104
FAX: 484-664-3234

    A phone scam is currently underway,
    falsely informing recipients that
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