Purchasing Department


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order office supplies?
Answer: Office supplies are ordered from Office Depot through the Online Order System. Contact the purchasing office to arrange for your personal log-in and password. Remember the prices in the catalog ARE NOT the prices you pay.

Our Muhlenberg account number is 30054794. Our Office Depot representative is Lori Tattersall. She can be reached at 215-353-2139 or via email at lori.tattersall@officedepot.com.

For Office Depot product or delivery questions, we ask that you call the National Customer Service team at 888-777-4044. For any navigational questions or assistance signing on, refer to the online help or call the Internet Help Desk at1-800-269-6888. In the event that your need is greater than national support, we also have an inside support person who can help you with your needs. His name is Dennis Bantle. He can be reached at dennis.bantle@officedepot.com. For higher level needs such as ongoing delivery problems or information on promotional products, please contact Lori Tattersall.

2. If Office Depot does not have the item I'm looking for, where
can I purchase the item?

Answer: Contact Betty Lees in Purchasing (ext. 3116) and she will recommend a vendor.

3. I have received an incorrect item from Office Depot. What must I do to return it?
Answer: Any shortages or incorrect items should be reported to the Office Depot Customer Service Department within 10 days of delivery. Be prepared to provide the customer service representative with the following information: Your Office Depot account number (30054794), contact name, phone or fax number, order number from packing slip, product number and unit of measure of the item to be returned, and the reason for the return. Please have returns ready for pick up the following day in the same area as the delivery was made. Returns may also be processed through the internet site under Order History and Tracking.

4. May I order furniture, file cabinets from Office Depot?
Answer: No, the college has standards for furniture. Contact the Purchasing Department for assistance with furniture orders. Office Depot is our office supply vendor ONLY. We have other contracts for furniture.

5. What do I do if a vendor says Muhlenberg doesn't have an
account with them?

Answer: Contact Purchasing (ext. 3116) who will make arrangements or suggest an alternate vendor.

6. Where can we rent a vehicle?
Answer: We have contracts with Enterprise, National Car Rental and Hertz.
*Please see the Contracts section on the Purchasing website for additional information and contract numbers. The contract number is required in order to receive the contract price.

7. Our Director's Report shows this amount being charged to
our account. Could you tell me what this is for?

Answer: First check your copies of previous orders. If you still can't figure it out, call or email Purchasing and we will research it and get back to you.

8. Where do I order computer supplies and toner for our
printers, fax machines, copiers?

Answer: For computer supplies, toner for HP Printers, print cartridges, and fax machines, order from Office Depot.
For toner and staples for your Ricoh copier, order from IKON.

9. How do we order our supplies for our Ricoh Copier?
Answer: Please contact the Copy Center at ext. 3229 for all questions regarding your Ricoh copier.

10. May I phone orders to vendors?
Answer: ONLY in emergency situations and a P.O. number MUST be obtained from Purchasing PRIOR to placing the order.

11. A faculty member wants to order something on the internet
but it requires a credit card number. What do I do?

Answer: Contact Purchasing. The Purchasing Office has a credit card and if the vendor is approved we will place the order.

12. Who services office equipment? Typewriter, printer,
copier, fax machine.

Answer: Contact the Purchasing Office for the specific information pertaining to your department.

13. My office chair (or any other office furniture) needs to be repaired or replaced. Who do I notify?
Answer: Contact Betty Lees in Purchasing.

14. I have a JPMorgan Chase procurement (credit) card. I need to charge something to an account number that is not in my drop down box of account numbers. What should I do? 

  1. Answer: Contact Patti in the Purchasing department. If the account number needed is in your departmental budget, Patti will add it to your profile.