Dana Scholars Program

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To Enter the Dana Program:
As applications for admission are received by the College, exceptional applicants are identified and invited to submit a separate Dana application. Invitees typically are near the top of their high school class, score 1350 (Critical Reading and Math) or greater on the Scholastic Aptitude Test, and, equally important, exhibit distinctive creativity, versatility, and intellectual curiosity.

In the Dana Program:
The GPA requirement for Dana Scholars is 3.33. Dana Scholars must establish a cumulative GPA of 3.33 by the end of their first academic year, assuming full-time student status of at least 3.0 courses per semester. Should a Dana Scholar's cumulative GPA fall below 3.33 by the end of the first academic year or any subsequent year, the student must petition the Dana Faculty Committee to remain in the program. The petitions must be written to Dr. Mohsin Hashim (mhashim@muhlenberg.edu) within a week of receiving final grades. The Dana Faculty Committee will review each petition and Dr. Hashim will inform the student of the decision of the committee regarding the student's Dana status.

The Dana Program emphasizes creativity and independence of thought through independent and collaborative study and research. After completing the Dana First Year Seminar, Dana students complete 3.0 (3.5 as of Class of 2015) course units. As of the Class of 2015, Danas will complete a 0.5 credit unit's worth of the Dana Sophomore Seminar. In addition, Dana Scholars complete 1.0 unit of Dana Directed Studies (mentorships), a Dana Internship for 1.0 unit, and the Dana Forum for a total of 1.0 unit. Students may complete 2 credit units of Dana Directed Studies (mentorships) in lieu of a mentorship and an internship. The Dana internships and mentorships may be used to fulfill major requirements. Dana Scholars must check with their respective department chairs to ensure that this is the case. No internship registered in other departments will be accepted retroactively. All Dana requirements must be registered as Dana credits with the prefix DNA appearing on the student's transcript. Danas are urged to contact Dr. Mohsin Hashim about the Dana requirements by the end of their first year.Failure to fulfill the Dana requirements will result in graduation without the distinction of a Dana Scholar.

281. Dana Sophomore Seminar - 0.5 course units
This course is a requirement of the Dana Program and is designed for Dana students in their sophomore year. It is focused on developing an understanding of community engagement and how Danas, as leaders, can affect their communities both on campus and in society at large. We will explore themes of leadership, identity, motivation, and citizenship. Students will be required to complete assigned weekly readings focused on these themes and engage in a fieldwork component in conjunction with a community group in the Lehigh Valley.

955. Dana Forum - 0.5 units/semester for 2 semesters
The Dana Forum is designed as a senior year capstone experience to deepen a greater sense of community among DANA scholars and to enrich the intellectual climate on campus. Students register for the Forum in the Fall and Spring semesters of their Senior year. Each year the Forum helps Dana seniors develop and execute collaborative research projects that are tied to the Center for Ethic’s annual theme. In the Fall semester, under the supervision of the Director of the Dana Forum, students engage academic questions related to the annual theme chosen by the Center for Ethics. They also form groups of two or three to research a topic of their choice and identify a faculty mentor for the project. The research component of the Dana Forum is completed during the spring semester of the Dana Scholar’s senior year. The specific nature of each team’s project depends on the students’ background, interests, and goals. Because of the goals of the DANA program, projects that also serve the community are strongly encouraged.

960. Dana Scholars Internship - 0.5 or 1.0 course units for a total of 1.0 unit
Dana Internship must meet Muhlenberg College internship criteria. An internship is work experience undertaken for the purpose of applying knowledge from the classroom to a practical work environment and actively reflecting on that activity.

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975. Dana Scholars Directed Studies (Mentorships) - 0.5 or 1.0 course units for a total of 1.0 unit
Students will develop their Dana Scholars Directed Study with a faculty member of their choice. Students are encouraged to develop projects that emphasize creativity or original thought rather than producing summaries of previous work. Dana Scholars Directed Studies can take any form as long as it is agreeable to the student and the mentoring faculty member. The Study may culminate in a paper, performance, presentation, or any other final product deemed appropriate. Open only to Dana Scholars.

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