Education Department


Education Department

Muhlenberg College has been educating teachers for more than one hundred years. As educational aims and practices have changed over time, our goals have remained steadfast. We are committed to educating young men and women for the teaching profession within a rigorous and rich liberal arts tradition.

Our goals are really very simple. We aim to educate dedicated classroom teachers whose values include reflective practice and a belief that all children deserve a quality education. The democratic and social justice mission of public education is perhaps no more important than in this historical period as we continue to look to our public schools for equity in life opportunities and common values in an increasingly plural and fragmented society. To learn more about our department’s vision of teacher education, I invite you to read our Department Statement of Mission.

The faculty and staff of the Education Department are excellent teachers, scholars, and mentors to our students. We all value the privilege of shaping teachers who will in turn play vital roles in the lives and futures of their students. Once students graduate from Muhlenberg College and our program we believe they are ready to meet modern education’s challenges.

-- Michael Carbone
Chair, Department of Education
I. M. Wright Chair of Education