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Dedicated to the convergence of media analysis and media production for social justice in a liberal arts setting .

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About the Department

‌Welcome to the online web environment for the Department of Media and Communication at Muhlenberg College. In our vibrant community, we explore and create all forms of media *visual, digital, print, oral* and investigate the social, political, economic and cultural contexts that both shape and are shaped by these converging forms.

Here, critical thinking meets hands-on experience. Many students link their studies with service to the community. Most students immerse themselves in professional media environments through our internship program.

Graduates from our program have an edge as they enter media industries from Barcelona to Los Angeles. Others pursue graduate studies in law, journalism, film and video production, mass communication, and education. Our aim is to foster graduates who are not only information literate, but who become information leaders in helping to realize the democratizing potential of media.