Neuroscience Program


Neuroscience is the study of the neural underpinnings and consequences of mind and behavior.  Scholarship in neuroscience often locates itself at the intersection of philosophical approaches to the mind and empirical approaches to the brain and behavior.  The neuroscience curriculum at Muhlenberg has been designed to highlight those resonances and counterpoints among the 'traditional' disciplines of biology, chemistry, math, psychology and philosophy in order to yield new perspectives on the roots of behaviorand consciousness.  The major provides students the opportunity to develop strong foundational training in neuroscience within the context of the liberal arts.  Given the broad curriculum, faculty scholarly expertise, and the many opportunities for faculty-student research collaborations, neuroscience majors are especially prepared for careers in academia, industry, or the clinic.

They [Muhlenberg] also have a praised, innovative program in neuroscience that is popular among students and gaining reputation among academic circles.
-- The Insider's Guide to the Colleges 2011

I chose to major in Neuroscience because I was drawn to the questions of how complex thought emerges from an electrical tissue like the brain, and how simple cellular signaling events could give rise to such concepts as movement, speech, learning, and memory. Neuroscience by its very nature is interdisciplinary so the major is perfect for individuals who want to be challenged to think broadly among different disciplines.
-- Laura Sheard '07, Ph.D. candidate in pharmacology, University of Washington

As a neuroscience major, I learned to value the richness of unsolved questions and collaborative scholarship; to challenge traditional notions of scientific objectivity, academic fragmentation and oversimplification; to develop a snarky critical voice; and to explore intersections between power, social context, and subjecthood.
-- Sarah lling '10, Fulbright ETA Fellow in Colombia, 2010-2011


Muhlenberg College Receives $1 Million Commitment for Endowed Professorship in Neuroscience