Sustainability Studies


Faculty & Research

As an interdisciplinary program, Sustainability Studies is supported by a large dedicated group of faculty in the Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities. Sustainability Studies Students are encouraged to contact individual faculty listed below to help develop a program that suits their interests and complements their major field of study. Explore individual teaching and research interests by looking at faculty web pages lined below.

Advisory Committee

Richard Niesenbaum

Professor of Biology
Director of Sustainability Studies
B.A., Biology and Environmental Science - University of Pennsylvania
M.S., Biological Oceanography - University of Connecticut
Ph.D., Biology/Ecology - University of Pennsylvania

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Kimberly Heiman

B. A. Biology, New College of the University of South Florida (now New College of Florida)
Ph.D. Biological Sciences, Stanford University
Postdoctoral research, Marine Biology and Ocean Resource Management, Oregon State University
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Cathy Marie Ouellette

Associate Professor of History
Ph.D. Emory University

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Giacomo (Jack) Gambino

Professor of Political Science Email Giacomo (Jack) Gambino
Barri Gold Associate Professor of English
B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago. (1995)

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Krista Bywater

Asssistant Professor of Sociology

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Other Affiliated Faculty

Jason Kelsey Associate Professor of Environmental
Science and Chemistry
A.B., Lafayette College
M.S., Cornell University
Ph.D., Cornell University

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Erika Iyengar Associate Professor
B.S. with honors, Stanford University
Ph.D. Zoology, Cornell University

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Daniel J. Wilson

Professor of History
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University

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Donna M. Kish-Goodling Professor - Economics
Associate Dean of International Programs
B.A., Moravian College
M.B.A., Ph.D., Lehigh University

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Benjamin Carter, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Antrhopology
BA Antropolgy, Drew University
PhD Antrhoplology, Wahington University

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Joseph E. B. Elliott

Professor of Art (Photography)
Head of Department
B.S., University of Minnesota;
M.F.A., Pratt Institute (1983)

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S. Mohsin Hashim

Associate Professor of Political Science Email S. Mohsin Hashim
Christopher Borick

Associate Professor of Political Science Email Christopher Borick
Dr. Jane D. Flood

Department Chair
Associate Professor of Physics
Ph.D. - Physics / Univeristy of Pennsylvania
B.A. - Physics / Hunter College

Email Dr. Jane D. Flood
Lora Taub-Pervizpour

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department
B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of California, San Diego

Dr. Mohsin Hashim, Political Science Dr. Lisa Perfetti Rich Niesenbaum
Joseph Elliott, Art Student