Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre

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Spectacular, affordable musical theatre productions

Talented professional directors, designers, and musicians

Delightful children's theatre
to inspire all ages

“The Lehigh Valley Arts Council and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts are proud to support the professional shows that Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre brings to the Lehigh Valley.”

Alysea McDonald,
Program Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Partners in the Arts

Summer Music Theatre 2014


A Chorus LineA Chorus Line

June 11-29, Empie Theatre

SpamalotMonty Python's Spamalot

July 9-27, Baker Theatre


A NEW Family Musical... With Goats!

June 18 – July 26, Studio Theatre



Here's what they said about the MSMT 2013 Season:.

Crazy For You

Crazy For You

"'Crazy for You' is crazy fun and crazy good. It's as if an MGM musical has come to life in west Allentown — in Technicolor."

"MSMT's 'Crazy for You' asks the musical question, 'Who could ask for anything more?' and has all the right answers."
The Press Newspapers

"Let us bow in homage to the almost sadistically demanding choreographer, Karen Dearborn. One marvels not only that she could conceive these dances, but also and equally that these young dancers could execute them."
Lehigh Valley Stage

Crazy for You is "a song-and-dance extravaganza filled with glorious displays of tap dancing, thrilling intricate high steps and well-directed precision choruses... Karen Dearborn's choruses were well staged and full of energy. And Ed Bara's orchestra is just wonderful and makes the music soar through the theater."
Morning Call

HMS PinaforeJesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar is "a thoughtful, often startling, entertaining passion play. The direction by James Peck is fluid and often cinematic. There's a rhythm and flow to the scenes, a seamless continuum in the briskly-paced show."
The Press Newspapers

"Tim Averill's scenic design is technically sophisticated. John McKernon's lighting is evocative and leaves you dazzled as he washes the stage with blood-red lights, burnt oranges and umbers, and ominous and tragic blacks. The final crucifixion scene is so painterly it is breathtaking."
Morning Call


Seussical: The Dr. Seuss Musical

Seussical is "a delight for children and adults alike… it's almost as if Dr. Seuss directed the play himself!"
The Press Newspapers

Seussical "is a fantastically entertaining show that will delight both children and adults. There's no doubt that once you enter the theatre you are immersed in the world of Dr. Seuss."
The Morning Call


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Photos: Hairspray, 2012; HMS Pinafore, 2012; Harold and the Purple Crayon, 2012; all photos by Kenny Ek, Kenek Photography