Second—please, take some time to get to know us. Then apply, using our International application checklist.

Here’s a quick introduction:

  • We’re located in the beautiful Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania—home to a half dozen colleges and universities. The campus borders Allentown, a city of approximately 120,000 located one hour north of Philadelphia and one and a half hours west of New York City. Expect four seasons and lots of entertainment options on campus and in the metropolitan areas.
  • We’re a small, diverse, and vibrant community housed on an 86-acre campus.
  • We’re academically diverse too, with more than 40 fields of study.  Classes are small, and our professors are known for making courses come alive with hands-on experiences and passionate teaching. More about our great teachers and great courses.
  • Muhlenberg is on a semester schedule with the first semester beginning in late August and ending in late December. The second semester begins in mid-January and ends in mid-May.
  • We’re a residential community; some 96 percent of Muhlenberg's full-time students reside on campus. Students who enter as freshmen are provided with housing throughout their four years at Muhlenberg. Student residences are furnished equipped with a telephone jack, computer internet jack and cable TV capability.

But probably one of the most important things about us is our community: we’re friendly, supportive, connected, and active—which makes us a great home away from home, and the perfect place to launch your life.

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